Monday, March 30, 2009

Good weekend.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Last night at dinner I asked the kids if they each had a good weekend and they all answered "Yup!". We had a good weekend around here.

It all started bright and early Saturday morning in the dark and cold rain. Both Hansen and Lillie had soccer games back to back. The fields were more mud that grass and it rained the entire time non stop. I never even considered putting away the umbrella for the two and a half hours of soccer games. Hansen's team won as Hansen got two assists. This was without a doubt Hansen's best game that I can remember. He ran fast and was in the game, nearly scored twice and ended up with two good assists and some great defense work as well. And he never once complained about the cold and rain. Lillie also had a good game. She was in the game and had a few good kicks. She did not complain at all during her game, sitting through Hansen's game was a bit of a chore for her. After soccer we came home, put a fire in the fire place, had hot cocoa and warmed up for a couple of hours.

Then off to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner thanks to John and Carol. We were celebrating good report cards and having a nice evening. We sat in nearly the same place as last time so Lillie was now an Elephant expert. After dinner we wandered around the mall for a bit. Preston could not believe there were no Soccer stores, but the Seattle team stores had some good looking Sounder's hooded sweatshirts. To bad they have to cost so darn much...$60.00 for a sweatshirt? Come on Sounders, lower the price so your kid fans can actually afford them.

The boring time was looking at Washers and Dryers. Yup, after 10 years of non-stop use ours are finally about to be sent to the great appliance beyond. We have been debating back and fourth between top loader and front loader. Ours is a first generation front loader, and it has shook our house and shook our house for years. The top loaders seem much friendlier to a "in-house" location, but use twice the energy and water...of course they are less expensive and simpler. So we have been going back and forth, but most likely it will be off to Sears Outlet over spring break for a bargain top loader and matching dryer.

Today Preston has his second track meet of the season. The news says "snow", but we are good so far. One full week until spring break, sure be nice if the "s" word was removed from the forecasts.

See you tomorrow.


Grandma Slane said...

Just to put in my two cents - when our front loader broke, we replaced it with a top loader, and I like it much better. I've also noticed when I do real estate open houses that a lot of the ones that say "washer and dryer stays" are front loaders...hmm... Good luck to Preston in the track meet!

Melanie Ostergard said...

We have a top loader that is now about 2 years old. It shakes a bit, but it's not that bad. Hopefully in the last couple of years they've figured out how to minimize it so you don't feel like there's an earthquake every time you run the wash.

Amber said...

I agree - I went with a top loader because I heard the front loaders are more likely to have problems.

I can hardly believe you still have snow to contend with!!!

Julian's Blog said...

thanks for the comments. We hate to go backwards with technology, but I don't want anything like our current front loader. Looks like the best front loaders still shake way more than the worst top loaders.