Monday, February 02, 2009

Witch Hazel. Football game?

Good morning, it is Monday.

This is a picture of Maren's Witch Hazel. She grew it in the back yard and I will agree that it is pretty cool.

Oh, Yes there was also a football game yesterday. What a great game. It really was, amazing crazy plays, the underdog taking the lead with two minutes to play, and another amazing play to win the game. That last catch is the one that every kid who plays two-hand-touch in the street dreams of making. I can remember as a kid trying to make that catch on the curb, two feet down, falling out of the end zone to win. We would just practice that catch. Very cool. I still would have liked to see Arizona win, but it was a fun game. Preston came out of his shell a bit last night and really celebrated the Steeler's win... I can only say something that ends with "dork", so I just won't. The commercials were good. I liked the Pepsi add with Will I Am and Bob Dylan. Maren liked the snow globe add for Doritos. We did get to see the 1/2 second Ivars spot, that was fun...and quick. Safeway was so busy at 1:00 pm yesterday, I have never seen a store so busy in my life! The lines went halfway down the shopping isles, yup, like 15 people in every line! Good sale on Pepsi.

Tonight is Preston's soccer banquet at the Bouncy Place. The kids are excited for the fun and the bouncing. Since Preston's team starts up again on Wednesday to get ready for the spring league, it is hard to say there has really been an end, but now that they are in the U13 level, they get to use a size 5 soccer ball. This is good news for Preston as size 10 feet have a hard time getting size 4 soccer balls up in the air.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

I liked both the Bob Dylan / Will I Am Pepsi ad (fantastic) and the Coke ad with the forest insects stealing the coke bottle from a napping picnicker. I had to take the remote away from Johnny because he is in the habit of muting commercials, and that was really fun watching the commercials yesterday. love, susanna