Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Valentine's Day madness. That pretty much sums it up. But wait...there is more. Last day of school before Presidents/midwinter vacation. Yup, a week off of school. Add these two up and you get a recipe for a crazy day at school. Luckily I did get all my word study and QPA testing wrapped up by yesterday. Today I can just watch as a whole school of kids explode into a sugar fueled last day for 9 days frenzy. And we can't forget the Valentine's Day Dance tonight at the school.

Our Valentine's day festivities started yesterday. Yup, Maren had a place full of goodies for each of the kids when they woke up. And (second graders are not allowed to ever start a sentence with the word "AND", but I am going to at this very moment to emphasize the continuance of Valentine's Day festivities...sorry Mrs. Radford, I could have used a better transitions phrase such as "On top of that") last night Carol came by on her way home from the twin's house (to kindly pick up Maren, let her spend the night, then drive her to the airport this morning, Maren is in the air as I type) and brought the kids some extra Valentine's stuff. A doughnut, a card, and some money. You want a kid to be your best friend for life, try giving them a doughnut, a card, and some every time.

See you tomorrow.

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