Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Soccer banquet.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was Preston's soccer banquet. It was at the Bouncy Place in Kent. The kids were flying all around. Preston got a ball in the face and was a bit injured for a bit, Lillie got rug type burns on her elbows, and Hansen was limping around a little as well. The kids loved it! There is no fun it seems unless the threat of injury from flying around is around every corner. They got pizza and root beer floats. Fun. The coach dubbed Preston "Rocket Foot"...he said that all the goalies jump the wrong way on purpose when Preston is kicking free kicks. The kids were laughing and the goalies were showing where they have been hit. All the kids got a little praise from the coach.

I some how got a picture of all three of them at one time looking out the mesh window down at me from inside a huge bouncer.

Tonight is my final class of diversity training. I have to present a 5-10 minute presentation on what I learned in class and how I take it to my job. I also had to submit a little paper.

See you tomorrow.

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Stef said...

That picture is really cool!!