Monday, February 23, 2009

Salt and Pepper Bars. Oscar night.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Back to school for all of us "been on vacation and now are slugs" slugs. Groan.

Yesterday between rain showers I rode up to the school with Lillie to pass the time. Maren was camped out on the red couch watching the red carpet at the Oscars. Oscar day is the day around here. Maren and Lillie watched the red carpet and oohed and aahed over all the dresses. I could not watch much as Ryan Seacrest is such a dork. The moment Maren even thinks of getting bored of the watching (not likely) she just reminds herself of how she used to work every Oscar Sunday and never got to watch the show. I watched the Oscars a little while surfing on the computer. Neither of us had seen any of the movies other than Wall-e, but that seemed to work out just fine.

Below is a long series of pictures (a tutorial if you will) of Lillie describing the finer points of a playground game that all the girls in the lower grades play at recess. Salt and Pepper Bars. She seems to think I can and should play this game with her every time we are near the school park. The object of the game is to follow certain rules of how you jump over, under, or around the bars opposite of your competitor who you are trying to go faster than and tag. Lillie is faster than me with the bar skills, luckily I still have speed on my side...I could never beat Hansen at this game.

Standard starting position for most salt and pepper games. Lillie's sweet face before she kick's butt on the race.
Crab Walk...I can't do this. You only have to crab walk half way.
Hop on one foot half way, everything else is the same.
Figure eights starting position. This game you just race around in a figure 8...I rule at this game.
Inside/ just jump and hit your bum on the bar, then go around.
Swinging or something...Like I can remember this stuff?
Opposite side start. Not so easy.
Both bars. You then hop down and race.
Scooting up. Basically starting half way.
OK, there you have it. Now you can be an expert at Salt and Pepper Bars.
See you tomorrow.

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