Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The President's speech interrupted.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night Maren and I hung out in the kitchen watching President Obama give his speech to the nation. He sure is great isn't he? About 10 minutes into the speech the door bell rings. The kids start to yell, "it is old people, Dad, answer the door!". So I leave the President for a moment to find two mid 20's guys soaking wet trying to sell us windows. Because our neighborhood is now just over 20 years old, vans must just drop these door to door window sales guys off to pester us about "not buying, just getting an estimate!". I said to the sales kids, "our windows are just fine, I can't afford new windows, and further more, the President of the United States Of America is on TV right now talking about the economy, education, health care, and other important stuff." One kid said, "Well, how is he doing?" I don't have a ton of patience for these sales tactics and just replied, "How would I know? I am talking to you guys...I am going go back to watching the President, and sorry, not interested in new windows either...come back in 20 years when I actually need new windows!" The ironic thing about this is that the last time President Obama was talking, this same company had different guys selling windows and I had the exact conversation with that couple of kids. Anyhow, lets hope that things turn around for this economy and stuff. In our culd-e-sac alone, two families (that I know of) have lost their bread winner jobs and are wondering about the future...and others are on the brink. If I actually thought spending $20,000 that I don't have on new windows would actually create huge savings for us and turn around the economy, I would consider it. For now lets just hope that the measures the government is enacting, fiscal responsibility by the rest of us, and a little luck will do the trick.

Today Preston has soccer and Lillie has Dance.

See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

The company probably plans it during Obama's speech because he knows people will be home. Buggers.