Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost tooth, thinking spring.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night Lillie finally lost her top right tooth. Yes, she is growing like a weed. She is not nearly as daring a tooth puller as Preston was. Preston actually let me tie a rope to his tooth, then to the door for a door slamming good time. No, that never worked all that great, but he did try! Lillie said she would not touch her tooth until it just fell out. That plan was well underway until a miss guided bite of chicken. Trying to get Lillie to show us her teeth is not so easy, this is as good as it gets. The other top tooth is now loose as well, next month it will look like she has no teeth, it will be a cute 6th birthday picture.

This is how Lillie came down stairs yesterday. She decided it has been winter too long and she was going to dress for spring and hope for warmer weather. She was quite cute for a while, but then she got cold and had to put on some winter clothes.
tonight Lillie has dance class, Preston has soccer, and Hansen has a play date with his friend Nicholas. Preston has been sick the last few days, and his parents probably will send him to school, but probably will not allow him to go to soccer...he wished it was the other way around.
See you tomorrow.

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Melanie Ostergard said...

Loose teeth are probably my worst nightmare. I'm sending my kids to you when their teeth are ready to fall out. I think I might throw up if I had to pull a tooth.