Sunday, February 08, 2009

Allowance, eyes, biking.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was a nice day around here. Started out foggy, ended up sunny. Yesterday was the first allowance day since the beginning of November. The kids have been dying to go shopping! I took them to Target, with a stop at the Starbucks inside Target (thanks to a Starbucks gift card Hansen had from his birthday!). Preston spent some of his money on cool colored pens, he loves to draw these days and just wanted his own pens. Hansen bought a Bionicle, he told me that he OK to not get so much in the way of Lego stuff over the holidays, but he just needed a new Bionicle. Lillie bought a cute little thing called Polly-peek-a-boo. Next allowance not until March...assuming the kids can do their chores on a regular basis and clean their rooms on the weekends.

We have discovered through menus and the smart board at school that Hansen now needs glasses. A few months ago he eyes checked out fine/not fine...on the verge of glasses, just waiting on a growth spurt as the eye doc said. Well, the growth spurt must have happened as Hansen even acknowledges that he just can't see the way he could a few months ago. I will be bringing him (and me) in for a eye exam in the next week. Maren said she first needed glasses around age 9, so no surprise. Hansen will look so smart in glasses!

Yesterday my friend Jim and I biked 20 miles. The first 10 miles going downhill did not seem too bad at all. Turning around and doing the last 10 uphill was not so easy. My knees and body fared just fine, I can see it will take some training to be ready for 100 miles in June, but I would say I am on the right track. My bike on the other hand will need new pedals by next ride, my right pedal broke about halfway through the ride and was making some cool clicking sounds toward the end of the ride.

While I was riding, John and Carol came by for a visit. We all hung out afterward and enjoyed meatballs and yummy deserts. Then sat down for a good ole disgusting episode of Dirty Jobs. The pig slop episode filmed in Vegas. Fun times.

Today is Church, then Preston has a birthday party at a soccer friend's house.

See you tomorrow.

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