Sunday, January 11, 2009

STP, Lillie's overnight.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday I went out to Jade Green to give the owner some golf balls. I have been thinking about giving up my PGA membership for several years (ever since Lillie was born and I went down to one or two days per week working) and now with my job as paraeducator, I have decided to do it for real. I have applied to get my amateur status is a two year wait period to get full amateur status back, but I can still play at a local club, just not in huge amateur tournaments until the wait period is over. Guess I am now a retired golf professional, I like that. Anyhow, I had several dozen golf balls (Wilson Zips) that I got recently due to being a PGA member, and I felt it was right to give them back. The Wilson rep recommended giving them to the golf course for prizes and such. So that is what I did. When the weather warms up I am sure I will go out and golf on the weekends with the kids or with friends, but for now I am possibly getting into a new hobby. Cycling. One of my co-workers rides the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride every year and said I could ride with their group...if I am willing to train with them when they start their long rides in a couple of months. This is the 30 year anniversary of the ride. It is 200 miles and most folks do it over two days, some do it in one, but that probably won't be me. I am thinking I will train for the ride, yesterday I rode my old bicycle 8 miles and I know for a fact that there will be no 200 mile race in the next month for me. Luckily the STP is in July.

I will be going to pick up Lillie from her first overnight in a little bit. We were almost late getting her to the party because both Maren and I thought the invite said 5:00pm, but at 3:00pm we saw the neighbor girl going down the hill with her sleeping stuff and realized the party began at 3:00pm. Lillie got there just fine and was ready to go. Maren got a phone call from Lillie at about 6:30pm, but it was just Lillie wanting Mar to bring her Princess Wii game down to Samantha's house. I am sure she had a great time.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

We hold a 100 mile ride every year, and it takes people less than 8 hours. But it's not easy!! This year we're holding the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Seattle for the first time. If I hear of any reduced registration fees or anything I'll forward them along to you :)