Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sparkle World

Good Morning, it is Thursday.

For the last three nights when I ask Lillie to grab a book for me to read to her...this is her choice: Sparkle World Magazine. Every 5 year old girl should have this magazine. You can fly from Polly Pockets to Angelina Ballerina with short stories and numbered pictures. Her Sparkle World Mags are all taped back together and well read, just like Hansen's Lego Catalogs. Thanks to Sparkle World and Lego Catalogs occasionally landing in the mail box, we have the daily fight over who checks the mail. Lillie says she will check it, then Hansen beats her to the box. I have had to enforce the whole Lillie opens the mail box, Hansen carries the mail in, or else...

See you tomorrow.

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