Sunday, January 04, 2009

pics from yesterday.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we had a great birthday/birthday/anniversary party. Below are pictures.

Panorama photo of the party. It is not possible to get all the folks into one picture. The kids are sure lucky to have so many cousins around to party with. Preston is kind of on his own as he is older than everyone else, Miles is on his own as he is younger...but not a baby, but Hansen and Lillie have a few cousins each in their age range to hang with.
Hansen being woke up on his birthday morning. A birthday song, a cup of coffee, and a lego gift in bed...does it get any better?

Hansen and Maggie (Maggie is turning one!...she was ready to get messy)

Maggie enjoying her entire chocolate cake!

Hansen and another lego gift. It was a banner birthday for Hansen.

Me and Maren. Taken by Preston on our 18th anniversary.
See you tomorrow.

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