Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nice visit. 2009 Seattle LIVESTRONG® Challenge.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was a nice day around these parts. We had John, Carol, Stef, Mel, Court, Jack and Avery over for a visit. Very nice visit. The twins are moving along better than ever these days and Jack's two favorite things to do were go up the the stairs and look in Hansen's ears. Avery did not want to warm up to me yesterday, I made her mad a couple of times by messing with her while she leaned on the couch. So I had her most favorite Lillie come over and snuggle with me for a minute, that seemed to convince Avery that I was not so bad, and after that she was happy to let me help her walk a bit. Carol bought us Pizza Hut pizza, so we all ate just fine.

When John and Carol just got here I went off for a bike ride. I now have smooth tires on my mtb bike and have been on several rides of decent distance. Last night I registered for the 2009 Seattle LIVESTRONG® Challenge! The ride is on June 21st and is 100 miles. I have about 5 months to learn how to ride that far...should be no problem...or not too much of a problem...should be fun! Since the 2009 Seattle LIVESTRONG® Challenge is one of the fundraising rides I have my own little page that folks can donate money to the Livestrong organization in support of my riding the event. My special page is at this link:
I have not put a picture of me on the page yet...although the biker guy looks like it could be me.

This morning Hansen and the kids choir sing in both services at church today. I will have the video tape going since Maren is out of town and missing the fun. Lillie and Preston are just trying to figure out how to survive both services.

See you tomorrow.

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