Saturday, January 31, 2009

New bicycle. Target.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday I got a new bicycle. Nope, I did not spend $3500.00 on a carbon fiber Specialized road bike, nor did I spend $850.00 on a high performance hybrid bike. I spent $40.00 on a Gary Fisher Gitche Gumee hybrid mountain bike. The bike is cool deep orange color, but Lillie insists it is red. Yup, saw it on Craigslist and jumped. It is a bike that was new probably 8 years ago, used a little, then forgotten about, moved, and neglected. The low price was due to the fellow not wanting to do any work on it whatsoever to sell it. The tires were old and flat, the real wheel had fallen off, but was stuck in the chain, basically the bike just would not go. I snapped it up for $40.00 and put all the new parts I had just bought for my other bicycle on it...I have always wanted a Gary Fisher bike. New road tires, a bicycle computer, better pedals and a little elbow grease, and the bike is as good as new. This bike will be just fine for the LiveSTRONG challenge and all the training involved.

Last night on the same trip to pick up the bicycle, I also took Lillie to Target to buy a birthday present for her friend Ali, whose party is today. Lillie had been totally bummed out because I took Hansen up to the school park to play while she was playing at a friend's house. She thought I should have known that she would have wanted to go and I should have picked her up from her friend's house on the way. Hmm. Anyhow, she wanted a toy and was being a bit demanding so there was no way I was buying her a toy, but to make peace and not buy her a toy, I offered to buy her an Slurpee drink at Target. She did after all do a good job when I bought the bicycle, and was calming down nicely. So she had her Slurpee (half cherry and half black berry) as we shopped for Ali's gift. She did not ask once for her own toy, but in the sports clearance there was one brand new Callaway golf bag originally $129.00 on clearance for $27.00. I was thinking about buying it when Lillie piped up, "If we are not buying anything for ME, we are not buying anything for YOU!" I did not buy the golf I really need one anyhow? Not.

See you tomorrow. Go Arizona!

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Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Congrats on the new bike! The things Lillie says are so funny!