Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maren is home, School today?

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Maren got home from her ALA trip to Denver. Sounds like she had a very good time, has a great committee, and brought home lots of new books. She even brought home little $3.99 viales of gold from the US Mint in Denver. She said the tour was amazing. The kids think their little vile of gold will be what makes them rich!!! Maren had a nice trip, but she is glad to be back. Lillie was asking if Maren had to work tomorrow and if she had school tomorrow. When the answer was "yes" to both, she slumped over and said to her mom, "That means I don't get to hang with you all day." Maren was like, "nope, but you get to hang with me all evening, and since when do you just hang with people?" Lillie's reply was that she just saw it on TV. We have got to get Preston off remote control duty. How many of you have seen Total Drama Island? It is a cute cartoon that is a spoof of Survivor. If you like survivor, and cartoons, you will enjoy TDI.

It will be interesting to see how many kids are at school today. Originally today was scheduled to be a teacher workshop day, but after missing a couple of days due to snow, the workshop day had to be pushed back a couple of days. Now the workshop day is on Friday. Sure, there have been notes sent home with kids and in the bulletins and stuff, but even yesterday I had a few students tell me that they would see me Thursday because today was no school.

Today Lillie has dance class and Hansen gets to visit his friend Nickolas while Lillie is in class.

See you tomorrow.

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