Monday, January 12, 2009

A little shopping.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Lillie had a great time at her overnight. I picked her up in the morning and she wished she could stay longer. Now she is an overnight expert!

I took Hansen and Lillie out shopping to Toys R Us, a bicycle store, and Starbucks. Preston decided that it was a good enough reward to be home without the littles and without the car in the garage. He spent the day doing kick flips, ollies, and who knows what other skate boarding tricks he knows. Toys R Us was fun, we found a video game for Lillie, a Rubix Magic for Preston and some Tech Deck skate boards for Hansen. Lillie got the video game for her Gameboy DS. It is game called Catz where (you never learn the correct way to spell cats!) own cats and feed them and sell them if you don't like them and stuff like that. The kids agreed to go to the bicycle store with me as a trade off of going to Toys R Us. I am kind of looking at road bicycles. For now I ride my mt. bike on the road and I kind of like that, but it fun to go to bike stores and stuff...most likely for the riding I do, good road tires on the mt. bike may be just fine. We ended up at Starbucks. Hansen used his GC to buy himself a (lets see if I can remember) Grande Carmel Frapichino. Lillie calls is a Crapichinno (emphasis on the CRAP) and makes Hansen loose his mind! Lillie had a kids hot chocolate, and I got Maren a London Fog Tea as we got a coupon in the paper...I drank 1/3 of the Tea, and it was good.

The kids are having a tough time waking up so I am off to get them going.

See you tomorrow.

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