Friday, January 02, 2009

hang out day.

Good morning, it is Friday.

We woke up to more snow! Crazy as it sounds, we got about an inch last night. The roads are all fine, but it does look white again.

Yesterday we went to the Ostergard's house for dinner. Breakfast for dinner. Mel, Court, and the babies were also there. We all got to hang out with the babies and everyone. Jack and Avery are getting big. They are starting to recognize us (or not recognize us) They love having Preston, Hansen, and Lillie playing with them, they enjoy having Maren hold them, they are not so sure about me these days. Nana and Grandpa are definitely favorites.

Today is a hang out day for most of us. Hansen is counting down the minutes until his birthday tomorrow. Maren is meeting her friend Judy for lunch and sight seeing. I am going to put my bicycle back together today. I have new tires, cables, seat and grips. I painted the frame and fork a flat black, it looks pretty tough. I also painted my left hand flat black...looks kind of lame.

See you tomorrow.

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