Thursday, January 29, 2009

Found a training partner for the LiveSTRONG Challenge.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today feels like Friday for me and the kids. Friday is a teacher workshop day, so no school for kids or paras. Party time!

Last night while Lillie was in dance class Hansen got to go to his friend Nicholas' house. Hansen used to go to school with Nicholas but still goes to church and Sunday School with him. They have remained good friends and look like they could be cousins. When I was picking Hansen up I was talking to his dad about the LiveSTRONG Challenge. Looks like I now have training partner, and maybe he will ride in the Challenge as well. That will be nice, no excuses any longer.

Tonight Hansen has Choir, but the others are off the hook. Preston is enjoying his week off from soccer, but will be happy when practice starts up again next week.

See you tomorrow.

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Don said...

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