Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chuck E Cheese.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night I took my three kids along with Hansen's friend Kole to Chuck E Cheeses for dinner and fun. It was a mini birthday party for Hansen. Hansen did not want to invite too many friends, and of the three he invited, only Kole could make it. No Problem, it may have been better that way. Hansen and Kole took off and did their thing, while Preston stayed with Lillie. I think Preston was feeling just a bit old to be darting around Chuck E Cheeses, so darting around under the guise of helping Lillie navigate was great for both him and Lillie...even if Preston just slowed Lillie down just a bit. Below are a couple of pictures I took while the kids were pausing to eat pizza.

I like this picture because sweet little Lillie just looked like she wanted to snuggle up with Hansen for a birthday picture...then we noticed the bunny ears on Hansen. Yup, Lillie is a handful.
This is a picture of Hansen and his friend Kole.
Tonight Lillie has a sleep over at her friend Samantha's house for Samantha's birthday. This will be Lillie's first sleep over other than at a relatives house. She is very excited. Just a minute ago she yelled down the stairs "Dad, do I have school today?", I have her a little "NO!" shout back. Then came the "YEAH!...That must be why you did not wake me up?" Lillie does love school, but can appreciate a day off along with the best of them.
See you tomorrow.

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