Monday, January 26, 2009

Choir, bowling.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was a busy day for this fam. Hansen sings in the children's choir at church and they performed in both services. Yup, that means that Lillie and Preston had to attend both services, and Sunday school in between. They planned it so the choir sang toward the end of the first service, and the beginning of the second service. But we could not just leave after the kids sang due to the Kindergartners being honored and getting to lead the church in the Lord's the end of the service. Hansen and Lillie did a great job. Below is Hansen and some of the crew getting ready to enter the second service in their fancy robes.

After church, the church had a family bowling outing down at the old Kent Bowl. I had not been actually bowling since high school, back when we would go to Lewis and Clark Bowling alley just to hang out and bowl some. The kids had never in their lives been to a real bowling alley. I must admit that Wii Bowling did have them prepared. Except for how heavy the bowling balls really are, and how ugly the shoes really are. We had a great time.

Hansen's bowling pose.

Preston in action. Not the gutter!

Lillie just waiting to see if her ball makes it all the way to the pins. The little kids got to use the lanes with gutter rails...Lillie's ball would hit the rails 5 times, then hit the pins at 1.5 mph, bounce off the pins and knock a few down. The picture does not show her flapping her sleeves in circles waiting for the ball to make it to the pins.

Lillie's 20 year old bowling shoes looked pretty fancy!
See you tomorrow.

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