Monday, January 05, 2009

Birthday Bionicle.

Good morning, it is Monday.
Back to school and work. Only two hours late! Last night it must have snowed 3 inches of snow before it all turned to rain. It is a slushy mess outside right now.
The picture at the top of the page is of the giant Bionicle Hansen got for his birthday. He spent much of the day building it much to the chagrin of his friend Kole and some what to his cousin Alex. Alex spent the night on Saturday and did not mind helping and watching Bionicle building...for a while. Finally we made Hansen stop the building and play Ninento with Alex! The boys really did have a fun time. Hansen never did go play in the snow last night with the rest of the culd-e-sac as he was just a few instructions away from finishing the Bionicle. Kole kept coming to the door to see if Hansen would ever come outside to play...not that night.
See you tomorrow.

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Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Nice Bionicle, Hansen!