Tuesday, January 27, 2009

6th grade camp, I'm thinking Arby's.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night I went to an informational meeting for the GL 6th grade school camp at Camp Waskowitz Outdoor Education School in North Bend. Maren actually went to 6th grade camp there, now it is Preston's turn. The kids all groaned and thought they would change their minds when they learned that they were not allowed to have their cell phones at camp...how will they make it without a cell phone??? I guess not all the elementary schools get to go, and I don't remember going to camp as a 6th grader. Preston and the GL kids are just lucky.

Afterwards, since the meeting was at dinner time, we headed out to eat. The kids unanimously choose Arby's. Curly fries around. One of the kid's favorite thing about Arby's are the Apple Turnovers. That was until last night. Last night they discovered the horror, yes Arby's puts a few raisins in the apple turnovers. One raisin just killed the whole experience for each of the children. I actually enjoyed the apple turnovers, and got an extra few bites thanks to no more than 2 raisins.

Today is a most anticipated day around here. Maren gets home. Lillie has missed her mom quite a bit, but has been fine. Maren sent a package of books home from ALA by mail so she would not have to carry them on the plane, and they beat her home. We got the books yesterday. There is a new copy of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid that must have just come out with a green cover. Hansen spent the whole day reading that book yesterday. No Nintendo or anything...guess you just got to find the right book to get these boys reading.

See you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Some people have an aversion to raisins... more leftover for the ones who don't! love, susanna