Sunday, December 21, 2008

We surived the storm, and the Nutcracker too.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I almost titled my blog "The storm was one heck of a Nutcracker.", but that just did not sound right.

It did snow a ton, it was very windy, but we never lost power (knock wood) and now things should calm down a little. They still say snow and cold for the next week, but not in the teens for temps and not in the 40-70s for winds. I just went outside to get the newspaper and it must have snowed around 4 inches last night. The strange thing about the snow is that it was also quite windy and the snow has a strange little crusty top layer. Every step crunches through the top layer then sinks down a few inches.

We also did trek out yesterday so Lille, Maren, and Carol could see the Nutcracker Ballet. On the way to pick up Carol and drop the boys off with John, the roads in Covington were not too bad, there were clear areas for the car tires to drive on. The freeways were no problem, but Burien appeared to have gotten more snow than anywhere else and the show plows had forgotten about them. The roads were just compact snow and ice. Preston, Hansen, and John went to the park to sled, and had a great time. I drove Maren, Lillie and Carol to the see the Nutcracker, and I just walked around downtown Renton checking out the stores. The snow and wind started up about a half an hour before the show was over and the drive home was all white, but no problem. The roads were so cool the way the wind was blowing snow all over the roads, it almost looked like you were driving on snow flames.

Today we will watch the Seahawks last football game of the year from the comfort of our own home. Thousands of fans will head down to the stadium in the snow to freeze and fight a traffic nightmare only to sit in the new uncovered football stadium...I figure many of the fans have been just dreaming of a snow day like today to watch football. The forecast does not show more show falling, so the TV may not show the true amount of snow that is everywhere.

See you tomorrow.

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