Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Uncle Corey visit, Hansen saying of the day, more snow.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday we drove Maren into work as she was due to work. She had not been in since last Tuesday and figured it would be good to get some work time in. The roads were not too bad and it was nice to get out. Since we were in Issaquah, we decided to meet up with Corey and wish him a Merry Christmas. He ended up taking us out to lunch and we had a very nice visit. After dropping Corey back off at work, we just wandered from store to store. The kids are slurpee aficionados...even in the snow, so at Target, I bought them slurpees, talk about a few freezing kids.

Today the quote of the day is from Hansen, "That's amazing! How could Lillie hand off her chocolate and still be happy?" Yup, after dinner each kid had a very cool five inch chocolate reindeer that they received from my Aunt Sally. These had been out on the table for a few days and every day we would hear, "can we eat these now?" Finally last night was when they got to eat them. They each started on the solid chocolate head, demolished the hollow mid section, and although full, worked through the solid feet area...that is except Lillie, she figured she had enough and offered the feet area to me. As Lillie was handing off the chocolate feet, Hansen seemed to think that was a very foolish move, thus the quote of the day.

This morning we have another 3+ inches of snow and it is still falling. When will it stop? We have no way of knowing, it does not seem to be slowing, we have no idea where we are going, the danger must be growing! That is our little snow song as taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If any of you have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as many times as we have seen it, you know the song.

Today we are scheduled to head out to the Ostergard's house for Christmas Eve. The boys don't mind tons of snow to miss school, but the possibility of missing Christmas Eve has got them wishing it would stop snowing. I figure we will have no problem traveling, but our evening may be ending a few hours early just to make sure we are not traveling in the really bad stuff.

See you tomorrow.

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