Monday, December 15, 2008

Sledding at CV

Good morning, it is Monday.

School is on a two hour delay today. We are letting the kids sleep in a bit. Yesterday we went up the the school to do some sledding. The rest of Covington also thought that was the thing to do and the hill was totally packed. It was a crazy time with all age of kids from 5 years old to high school and beyond. There are mostly little disc sleds like my kids have, but some have longer ones and some have 50 year old metal sleds and some kids just had big signs that are probably missing from some house for sale down the street. Some of the older kids found a steep hill that feeds into the road and were flying into the street hoping that their friends were telling the truth about no cars coming. I was glad my kids thought that those kids were totally crazy, rather than wishing they could do the same.

Here is Preston with his neighbor friends Christian (on left) and Sam (on right).
Lillie and her pink disk. Getting ready to fly down the hill.

Hansen showing off his full speed form.
Maren is a bit nervous about driving in this weather, she will be going in a couple of hours late just like the rest of us.
See you tomorrow.

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