Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures and more.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Lots of pictures below, and the post below...I forgot to upload the pictures first, then I did them in reverse order. I could probably flip things around and such, but I am stretching my computer skills as it is.

This is a very cute picture of Lillie and her drawing/writing. She had Preston help her with spelling. She is making snow hand signals and the computer monitor freaked out my camera, but I still need to post. The saying is "People on the moon sprinkling sugar" That is what Lillie thought snow was, and the picture below the writing is of a curly hair girl on the moon, sprinkling sugar onto our neighborhood. We did explain snow to her, but sometimes she would just rather make things up as she goes. The other day we had a Title Math night at the school that I worked, Lillie was happy to go, but she said "I guess it is OK to go back to school at night, but I won't have to learn anything will I?" The kicker is that she may end up being the brightest of us all!

This is our house with no couches! I am not convinced we will have the new couch anytime soon. This is how we live these days. Sometime Maren and I take the Princess chairs (they will probably go away after the new couch arrives, but it is good we still have them for now. We just bought the chair Hansen is sitting in, and it will live next to the couch. Hansen helped pick it out, then stayed up half the night helping me build it. He has claimed it as his "spot". The cats like it as well.

Picture of the kids with Santa at the Covington Community Center. Free, quick, not much background, but it was great! I saw a handful of students I see at school there as well.

Another pic of the kids with Santa. We did not make anyone dress differently than they wanted. Preston (back right) is in shorts and a hoodie sweatshirt, Hansen (front left) is in his standard jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt, and Lillie decided to get all dressed up for Santa with her fancy white shoes, red tights, and red and white fancy dress. She really liked that she made a red/white pattern with her clothes.

Picture of just Lillie and Santa.

It is totally snow covered around here. I saw that both Texas, New Orleans, and Boston got snow a few days before us...but are catching up just fine. We now have about 3 inches on the ground and the temps will not get above freezing for several days. I am blogging a bit late because I did Maren's volunteer food bank run this morning. My wheels did not even touch actual pavement until the drive home just under the traffic camera. Maren does not believe that they would take care of the roads better under the online traffic camera...but I bet the traffic camera locations get taken care of first, middle and last. There were plenty of freaked drivers, I saw probably 10 spun out cars, and one good little crash. But made it no problem. The little Hyundai drives just fine in the snow. Only on one scary down hill did I have to drive to the edge of the road to let the slop slow me down, getting ready to use the curb to stop.
The kids have been outside all morning, Lillie just came in and was frozen like a Popsicle. I put up our Christmas lights yesterday and they look just fine. I don't put up too many due to a "very tall ladder" phobia, but I do have some blinking icicle lights and some strands that don't blink.
See you tomorrow. I am sure we will have a delayed start at school.


Emily said...

I wonder if by the time the couch arrives you guys will have all adapted so well to the non-couch lifestyle that you'll be like, "who needs it, anyways?" how certain species evolve to adapt to their changing surroundings...hmmm...more likely you will all be so happy to have a full length piece of furniture in the living room you'll have to fight for time on it! People on the moon sprinkling sugar...That girl is a poet...

Julian's Blog said...

Hi Emily,

The good thing about this set-up is that the kids don't touch each other or invade spaces. The bad is that if Maren or I want to sit, we have to kick a kid to the floor...not always bad! We are actually going from a couch and a loveseat to just a couch with a built in chaise. So I am a bit concerned about space. The couch does turn into a bed, just in case we ever have visitors.

I was thinking about the moon folks sprinkling sugar and I asked "why the moon?", turns out when ever it starts to snow around here it is already dark.