Monday, December 08, 2008

New shoes.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Last night I took the kids out to buy Hansen new shoes. I knew going into it that Preston needed new shoes even worse than Hansen, and Lillie is not capable of being in a shoe store without really wanting new shoes...let alone having a brother buy a pair of shoes and not her. So we went to Payless to take advantage of the BOGO1/2 off figuring on four pairs of shoes. We found a good pair for Hansen right away (a cool pair of skater shoes), Lillie could not make up her mind, and Preston kept going through the sizes. By the time Preston had a pair he liked, he was up a size and a half to a mens 9.5. He probably could have gone into size 10, but decided the 9.5s worked fine. Looking at the way he wares out shoes, these shoes won't last very long anyhow (Preston only likes running style shoes, but then uses them for Volleyball and skateboarding). Lillie finally found a pair that she really liked. I tried to talk her out of Black Hightops (similar to Converse) with pink hearts or something all over the sides, but I finally decided to just let her get them. We needed one more pair and I spotted a $3.00 box way above the Hansen size (now mens 6.5). This was a very nice pair of shoes originally $40.00. We snagged them and still needed one more pair of shoes as I did not want to waste a half price pair of shoes on a $3.00 pair. I just don't need more shoes just yet, so we looked for a bit and found Maren a cool pair of black semi fancy slip on style shoes (Maren was not there, but the rest of us thought they were cool). Five good quality pairs of shoes that everyone was happy with for just under $90.00. Not so bad. One of these days the kids will probably start thinking that Air-Walks and Champions are not their favorite brands. If the day comes where they all need Nike and Adidas brands, the bill will triple...yikes!

See you tomorrow.

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