Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Good Morning, it is Thursday. Merry Christmas everyone!

This is the first white Christmas since 1990! Maren and I were going to get married just before Christmas in 1990, but the snow closed the courthouse on that day, so we actually do remember the last white Christmas. We rescheduled for Jan 3rd 1991 and the rest is history.

Last night we had a very nice Christmas Eve dinner at the Ostergard's. Mel, Court, Jack, Avery, and Stef were there as well. The twins got a little walker wagon that was the hit of the day, Jack pushed Avery around and around and around. I left my camera at John and Carols (along with the back up batteries) so I can't show you the cool pics I took on the drive of the roads and the trees.

Below are a few pictures from last night and this morning:

This is Lillie with the cookies and carrots for Santa and the Reindeer. Lillie wanted to go to bed early, but then could not fall asleep!
This is a panorama photo that I took with my phone camera. The kids actually slept until about 8:00am. Lots of gifts and fun. A bit scaled back from years past, but very nice none the less. Now the day will consist of watching A Christmas Story (non stop, for the rest of the day) and playing with new toys and stuff.

This picture is with the panorama option on my phone camera as well. This one is standing just outside the back slider looking into the back yard on Christmas morning. We must have had an additional 3 inches last night. We will be heading into a warming trend and in another week I am sure the snow will be gone.
Merry Christmas, see you tomorrow.

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sussah said...

Merry Christmas & keep cozy. Those panorama photos are excellent. They said we would have a "white Christmas" but they only meant fog-- it's hot today. Love, susanna