Friday, December 12, 2008

Macy's on naughty list, cold, Santa

Good morning, it is Friday.

I just woke up too late to blog yesterday. That sounds better than it is, really I just slept in 15 minutes.

The couch saga continues. We were supposed to get the couch tomorrow, but Macy's called me to let me know that while it was supposed to get scheduled, the couch never made it back to the warehouse in time to actually make it out by tomorrow??? Now it will be delivered on Tuesday. If Maren did not really want this couch, it would be so gone by now...just on principal! It really is a nice couch and the only one we saw that was really what we wanted, which is why Maren if far more forgiving to the Macy's delivery folks than I. I have never had such poor customer service as I have received from the Macy's delivery service. I finally called my sales person to have them reschedule my delivery because the delivery department just frustrates me so much. Looks like John will come out on Tuesday so the couch can be delivered...That is very nice of John, and it is just as well that I am not here. Appleby's is on my list of not going to ever again (they forgot half of our food and then blamed us!), now Macy's is about to be put there as well. I am very forgiving to these stores because I know it is just people working who really don't care, but geepers.

Tonight I have to winterize our house. Make sure the pipes are wrapped and stuff. It is supposed to get down in the teens for the nighttime lows for the next week. We may just wake up to a bunch of snow tomorrow morning, the double doppler is giving different forecasts depending on who is reading the info, but there is a good chance of snow above 500ft, and we do qualify. Preston is due to play in the district Volleyball championship tomorrow morning and a soccer game in the afternoon, we will see how that all unfolds.

Tonight the local community center is scheduled to have a visit by Santa Claus himself. We hope to make it in time. We have made it there the last couple of years and it has been great. You get to bring your own camera rather than paying through the nose for Santa pic the way the mall does it these days. The lines are not nearly as long, and they actually have had little gifts for the kids. I may actually have a Santa pic of the kids to post tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to bite those Macy's delivery guys for you! We had all kinds of trouble with getting a stove delivered from Brandsmart and when it was all over, my mom wrote a letter to them. They actually called and told her they were going to refund her delivery fee because of all the problems, and then they NEVER DID!!!! They got her again! Brandsmart is on our list of not going to ever again, for sure. Anyway, guess what? I have an award for you - it's on my blog. Maybe you can visit me sometime. I have a couch.

Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Isn't silly that Joey gave you an award? But of course, you deserve it!

Yes, after weeks went by and we didn't get the check, we called Brandsmart about it - more than once. Each time, we got transferred to several people, and after putting us on hold and transferring us some more, they'd always say we'd have the check in a few days. But of course, it never came. Since it wasn't an appliance, we finally gave up. We'll NEVER shop at Brandsmart again!

We're looking forward to seeing the pictures with Santa. We haven't seen the real Santa yet this year, but there's a house in Hollywood that has five Santa statues in the front yard.