Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah, Football, Snow.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy Hanukkah. Like Amber (, we also have a nice Menorah and all the liturgy as passed down from Grandpa Sandler. In a fast paced world where Santa is everywhere, kids all have a handheld Nintendo and a cell phone, it is nice to be able to slow down, remember traditions of the past and make new ones for the future. My favorite meal of the year is probably Swedish Meatballs...only two more sleeps as Lillie would say.

Yesterday in the snow we had a big neighborhood football game. Three adults and 5 kids with the youngest being Preston and Connor. My team was me, Preston, Chase, and Christian. We were going against Jim (Christian's dad), Dan (adult neighbor), Sam and Connor. Luckily, me and my team prevailed...I even got to make the last game ending catch! Yeah baby. It is a good thing, because I would hate to be as sore as I am (I can barely walk) and not have won the game!

There is more snow outside at our house than I have ever seen [at our house]. Everything from the roads to the trees to the rooftops looks like a ski resort, not Covington. Maren is totally itching to get out. She has been home from since last Tuesday and is ready to move on. We may drive her into work today, but then again, we may not. Who knows!

See you tomorrow.

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