Saturday, December 06, 2008

Couch sega, Lillie's play dough self portrait.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston is already off to a soccer game. The game starts at 9:00am in Sumner, but he left with his coach and friend as to get there an hour early to warm up. I will go to the game, but no need to leave for an hour as no warming up required for me.

We got rid of our old couches yesterday. Oh my, what a deal. I posted them for free on Craigslist. Within 10 minutes I had nearly 50 responses. I chose the first one who said he would pick up yesterday. He showed up an hour later, said he is selling furniture...inspected our couches, and turned them down. Free was not a good enough price for him. So back to the computer, by now there were 15more responses. I chose one from the top 20 that was from our city. Car problems, help problems, they were not able to make it until yesterday. Fine, with 74 messages, I knew someone would take them. Yesterday they came and took them away, they were nice and it worked out just fine. Now for our new couch. AARG. The window their computer gave us for delivery was yesterday from 11:30-1:30. I told the lady that I did not get home from picking up the kids and work until 12:15 (early release for conferences) and maybe they could come at 12:30. I got the "just a computer" song and dance. Well, when I got home at 12:25, I had a bunch of messages about the delivery folks running early and wanting to come by at 11:00. Then more about them waiting at our house at 11:15. Then another about them knowing that I would be home at 12:30, but instead they waited in front of our house from 11:15-11:42, then left, never to return to Covington and I needed to call to make a new appointment. I called at 12:30 and the next time that would work is next Saturday! Oh sure, they could try again next Thursday, but the computer would put us at 10:00am and we could not be home. I was totally not impressed with anyone's attitude or caring at the delivery phone. I was talking to them during my delivery window and the van was just leaving Covington. This is Macy's by the way, and a darn expensive couch and delivery. I came very close to canceling the order, getting my money back and going to Ikea and buying cheaper stuff. I still feel like doing that, but this couch is just the one Maren wants so I am taking deep breaths and venting just a bit on my blog.

On to happier things. This picture below is a just a great picture. Lillie spent 20 minutes making this self portrait out of play dough. She was very happy with it and added play dough words "ME" on it later. It was more detailed in real life, but the picture shows it pretty well. I especially like the fingers!

See you tomorrow.


Copérnica said...

Very original !!!

Amber said...

I used to make our family members and dogs out of clay when I was younger :) That's cool!

Frustrating about the couches. At least you can sit under the Christmas tree until they arrive.

Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Holy Moly on the couch situation! We've had similar experiences with posting free stuff on Craiglsist, and also with store delivery of furniture and appliances. It's SO frustrating. Hopefully you'll have your beautiful new couch soon.

Lillie's portrait is awesome!

Looks like you got spammed again. Tsk!