Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day, Artwork.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Christmas Day was a nice day at our house. We woke up early and opened plenty of presents. Around lunch time John, Carol, Mel, Court, Stef, Jack and Avery braved the snow to spend a few hours at our house. We had Left over Swedish Meatballs for dinner, yum. Hansen had Kole over for a long time, Preston went out and played in the snow with Connor, and Lillie just enjoyed hanging out with everyone. The kids did each get a new video game, so the Wii has been on non-stop it seems. When they get bored with the Nintendo, or their rude parents tell them it is time to take a break, they usually go find other ways to be creative. Below are some photos of artwork from the last couple of days.

When Preston gets tired of solving the Rubik's Cube in 33 seconds (he had a good solving method, but he could not get faster than like a minute, so he has been learning a different method that has taken his time down to closer to 30 seconds), he likes do do pencil drawings. This is his Naruto collection from yesterday.
Hansen likes to draw action stuff, but he really enjoys building things. These are a couple of his Lego inventions from the last couple of days. Hansen made a little pot-holder knitted type thing for Jack and Avery, then hand made an elaborate set of instructions on how to use the different loops for holding different toys and such, I don't have a picture of any of it, but it was quite elaborate and Hansen was proud of his work.

Lillie likes to draw on the white board of the easel. Her color choices are limited on the dry erase side of things, but this is her drawing of Belle, Aurora, and Snow White as seen on a princess makeup gift she got for Christmas.
The snow does not look much different from our windows just yet. The temps have gone up above the freezing point and in a few days we may see colors other than just white out the windows.
See you tomorrow.

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