Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Cards, Slug.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

I am not sure it is really politically correct to have the title of today's blog be "Christmas Cards, Slug.", but since that is what I wrote about, that is just the way it will be.

Yesterday we put together the first 40 Christmas cards. The ones we don't need to double check will be in the mail today. If you don't get one in the next few days, it is because we don't have your address correct, you are on the "hand deliver" list, you will be in the second 40 Christmas cards, or we just don't know you. But since only about 15-20 people look at this blog on a daily basis, most of you will be on one of the lists. If you are not on any of these lists, let me know. I can add a new list...actually Maren can add a new list, she is our list maker. I am just the blogger/day dreamer.

Here is a gross thing that just happened to me. Maren usually leaves at 7:00am, I walk her out, then grab the newspaper. I grabbed the paper, brought it over to the sink to shake the water off the plastic bag (yes, the PNW is wet every morning these days) and when I grabbed the back part of the bag, I grabbed right into a decent size slug. Yuk. Usually the slugs that cling onto the paper are only about a centimeter in length and you just shake them off, but I some how missed this one and it was like an inch and a half. I figure that is just a sign that there is no good news in today's paper.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

We got our card in the mail already! Anybody who's been reading the blog knows not to pick c for any answers ;)

I just ordered our cards, so they may be a couple weeks.