Monday, December 01, 2008

Back to school, new couch.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Back to school and work after a nice long weekend. The catch is that this week is conference week so the kids all get out of school about two and a half hours early each day this week. Maren is getting off work early so she can attend conferences today for Hansen and Lillie. I am sure their teachers will only have good things to say about them. Preston's conference is on Wednesday. The kids have early release this week, then two full weeks of school, then they are off for winter break. It must be great to be a kid.

Saturday we ordered a new couch. It should arrive on Friday. This is only the second new couch we have ever purchased. The first was the futon couch we bought in College and gave to Amber and Chuck when they moved to CA years ago. The new couch is a sofa sleeper with a left chaise thing. It is red leather and will look very nice in our living room. Next will be a couple of chairs, then figuring out how to get rid of our old couch/loveseat and two chairs. I will show you a picture when it is all in place. The kids were asking how we got the old couch and loveseat if we did not buy them. Well, about 8 years ago, some friends of ours from Preston's pre-school days were moving to Arizona and had these couches and needed to sell them. We did not have any money to buy, but they were leaving the next day, so I offered them a decent set of golf clubs. Moving to Arizona and not owning any golf clubs, the trade worked and we have had these couches ever since. The new one should be nice for many years.

See you tomorrow.


Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

We are definitely looking forward to seeing a picture of the new red couch and living room set-up. Sounds nifty!

Amber said...

We still have that futon! I sanded and re-finished it years ago, and right now it has a black cover, a couple of cool pillows, and is residing in Chuck's art studio :)

CouponAlbum said...

It sounds great!! I wanna see your red couch picture!! Share it soon!!