Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day. Maren had to work late, so she was on her own, but she did just fine. Me and the littles got home from school, hung out for a bit, then went to Preston's school to watch his all star volleyball team get beat by the teachers. The teachers do have a real height advantage. Good for the teachers! The CV teacher vs. the all star CV team is next week. I guess last year the students won. CV always has a great volleyball team. GL always has a great track team. If it amazing how these things work out year after year. Afterward the volleyball game, I took the kids out to Arby's for dinner. The kids were totally thinking Arby's. The only fighting going on was when Lillie and Hansen had a mini wrestling match to see who got to ring the bell. Our Arby's has a bell that you ring if you had good service. Every time you ring the bell all the employees turn and say "thank you!". Even if you ring the bell a few times in a row, the employees just do the "thank-you!" for every ring. Gets kind of creepy after all three kids have rung the bell, especially as Lillie has to out ring everyone on the planet. I choose not to ring the bell at about that point...not that I would not have gotten a polite "Thank you!" as well.

Today we have a very busy day. Preston has a Volleyball tournament at Cedar Valley. This will be a fun game, not too sure who I should root for. Since Hansen is too young to be on the CV team, guess I will root for Preston. During that time, Lillie has dance class. Afterwards is the Title Math night at CV, and I am one of the Title workers. I am having Preston skip his soccer practice to stay and help me with math night. Yup, he will enjoy working the table with the math fortune tellers, and I won't have to show off my awesome math skills.

See you tomorrow.

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Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

I wonder if there's an Arby's near us that does that? Hmm... You guys sure know how to have fun!