Monday, November 24, 2008

Preston's goal, Hansen plays the Flute.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I mentioned that I would not blog Sunday if the Huskies lost...and they did. Darn. They could have won, they had their chances, they really are just a team with a big fat 0 in their win column for the year. The Seahawks are not any better, and we don't even have the Sonics, what!

Preston wants me to tell you about his awesome goal in his game Saturday. He had a free kick from about 25 yard out. The other team was all in a line in front of him and he kicked a rocket that went over their heads, then curved into the corner of the goal. It was a big league goal. Preston's team still lost 2-1, but Preston was thrilled with his goal. I am glad Preston enjoyed his goal because some on his team and some of the parents are big whiners. I was embarrassed to be on the sidelines with some of the parents who were yelling at the refs, and at the other team's parents. Talk about pathetic. The team consists of 11 and 12 year olds, and they are not that good in comparison to other select teams they play. They do play tough, they try their best, but they loose to better teams, then they blame the refs. Every week...Hmm...sounds like I am whining, and I guess I am, but not about the team or the refs, but about the other parents who just engrain looserness into the kids.

Yesterday Preston went to a birthday party for a friend of his at Noobs, a modern gaming arcade and had fun. I took Hansen up to the North Bend Library to participate in a Native American Flute class. The guy who was the amazing flute player at the program we attended a few weeks ago, was teaching how to play the flute. Each person in the class got to use a very fancy flute and learn how to play. These flutes are hand made from cedar. They are quite expensive and no two are exactly the same. It was very fun and Hansen enjoyed himself. The picture is of Hansen playing a lullaby on his big flute. Of course the flute was just a loaner, but we did get to go up and pick flutes from a big row. The instructor said the the flute picks the person, much like the wand picks the wizard in Harry Potter...So me and Hansen just tried to figure out what flute was trying to pick us. My flute was very nice, but it could have picked a better person if it actually wanted to make nice music, guess that was not its main objective.

Today is back to normal. Preston has a Volleyball match after school, the rest of us have no big plans.

See you Tomorrow.

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