Monday, November 17, 2008

Pizza, skating, football.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday Preston had a soccer game against a team that beat them soundly in the past. Preston's team kept them to a 0-0 tie, which felt like a victory. Afterwards the team went out for pizza. I brought Hansen to the game because he wanted to go to the pizza place (we went to Goodfather's Pizza in Auburn, they still used the glass pitchers that were around when I was a kid). We also brought Preston's friend Josh. The entire team enjoyed the arcade, pizza and fun.

Preston has been begging to bring his new skateboard (and skills) to the skate park. Yesterday I offered to bring the kids, yes Lillie and Hansen wanted to go. We decided on the small park in Maple Valley as it is usually not as busy as the bigger newer parks. And we guessed right. We were the only ones there for about 20 minutes. Hansen was using his scooter to jump and crash. Lillie was going very fast on her scooter, just cruising down the long gradual ramps, and Preston was a little surprised at the learning curve of skateboarding on a ramp. I showed him a few moves like dropping in, stalling and coming back down, and just going up a ramp and 180ing back down. I try not to do too much as the concrete ground seems to hurt adults more than kids. Preston was just a bit too shy and scared to do much. When a few 16 year old kids showed up and started doing cool tricks, it was over for Preston. Too embarrassed to be a beginner. In a couple more years when his peers are the ones hanging out at the skate parks, he will be the one with all the moves.

Yesterday Lillie was playing football with the big kids. A few big kids were out playing football, and Lillie was tired of doing nothing, so she went out to watch the game. They let her throw a few passes and even kick the ball off the tee. Lillie thought it was great. In the NFL, I was hoping the Washington Redskins would beat the Dallas Cowboys last night. Now that Jim Zorn is the head coach of the Washington Redskins, they are my new favorite team.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Yes, skateboarding on concrete or asphalt is more painful for adults than kids. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Remember 1978 in Johnny's neighborhood in Atlanta? This was also complicated because the adult in the situation hadn't used a skateboard on hills in her life. Keep everybody safe! Love, susanna

Julian's Blog said...

I do remember! I don't really have a scope for how big the hills were, but I remember crashing and road rashing my back and arm...then having you do the same a couple of hills later. I do make sure to take it kind of easy these days.

Grandpa Slane said...

I remember Atlanta, too. There are bigger hills in Covington, but they were WAY bigger than anything we'd seen in Florida. The thing that worried me was the STOP sign at the intersection at the bottom. I didn't see how anyone on a skateboard could possibly stop in case of cross traffic. It's probably a good thing nobody made it all the way to the bottom.