Saturday, November 15, 2008

overnight, new phones, M still sick.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

The little girls (Lillie and Claire) got off on their overnight adventure with Nana no problem. Lillie packed her bag all by herself, so I hope she actually has an appropriate change of clothes. We never heard from them after they left, and don't expect to see them until after dinner time. When Lillie and Claire were driving away in the back seats of John and Carol's car, they were yelling out the window to me, "good night Dad, don't cry!", then laughing their heads off.

We got our new cell phones yesterday. We switched to Verizon and got pretty darn cool phones. Our phone numbers are not changing. Preston is very happy that texting is now part of the family plan and he no longer has to pay for his texts. Preston had his working in a matter of minutes. I think it may take me the whole two year term to figure out how to work my phone. Maren and I got kind of fancy phones, while the kids get plain phones. I am guessing that next time we get phones (hopefully not for a long time) the kids will get the fancy phones and Maren and I will be happy to be back to basic phones. Preston really wanted a fancy phone, and offered to pay any extra $$$ himself, but with news stories about kids getting beat up over cell phones, he is just lucky to have a phone at all. Actually, I really like him having a phone. He goes to a different school than me and the littles and is old enough to roam around with his friends a bit, so it is good to be able to get in contact with him.

Maren is still sick. She had to cancel on her friends last night, they were having a girls night get together at one of her friend's houses. She also had to cancel a visit with a friend today. As of yesterday she is on a whole new set of meds to see if she can kick what ever it is she has. The rest of us are still hanging in there (knock wood) and hoping that once Maren is better, we will all be healthy for a while.

Preston has a soccer game today, then the team is getting together for pizza afterward.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Do Hans and Lillie have phones too? I can't even imagine having had a cell phone as a kid... or internet, or a digital camera, or HDTV or any of it!

Amber said...

Did that make me sound old? Like, I used to walk to school in the snow without shoes up hill both ways kind of old? I mean, we're only one generation separated...

Julian's Blog said...

Rora's favorite toy in just one year will be her pink princess cell phone that sings the tones of the princess movies. I will buy her one for her second birthday if she does not already have one by then:) By the time she is in 3rd grade, all third graders will have phones. And all their phones give their parents the ability to go online and see exactly where their child is.

We do have a 4th cell phone that is kind of Hansens. He only gets to use it when we let him...but it is good for him to know how to use a cell phone. It is also been good for us to have a back up.

Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

We hope you feel better soon, Maren!