Saturday, November 08, 2008

No alarm clock!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

No alarm clock for four days! I have Monday and Tuesday off from work as Monday is report card day and no school for kids, and Tuesday is Veterans' Day. Maren also took Monday and Tuesday off from work so we are all just going to be hanging out.

I will spend some time today shopping for a new cell phone plan for the family. Qwest is switching over to Verizon and they have their *special* deals online and such, only the deals online are not necessarily better than the deals at the stores like Costco and Walmart, so I am going to have to just spend some time on the phone trying to get things figured out. Unfortunately cell phones are going to cost this family a bunch more than the old plan we were on, but I don't think we actually want to go without cell phones, so we will just bite the bullet and pay more.

Preston is on the road to recovery. He had strep throat and is on antibiotics. He missed school Thursday and Friday but is feeling much better as of last night. He will miss his soccer game today, hopefully his team can pull off a win. Preston has discovered soccer, bicycle and skateboard highlights on On Demand, so he has been watching too much TV. So far the rest of us are staying healthy [knock wood] and we should have a fun weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I had strep throat all last week (along with the pink eye)... took my last antibiotic this morning. It feels SO good to feel good!