Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New bicycle, leaf jumping.

Good morning, it is Monday.

It seemed like we just did not do anything the last couple of days, but when I think of things to write, we did quite a bit. I will keep things short so you don't spend your entire day on my blog site.

Preston got a new bicycle. Yup, he was looking at Freestyle bicycles. The cheapest decent ones at Joes were $200.00. The cheapest Redlines at the bicycle stores that would do the job started at $300.00. We love Redline bicycles around here, so we were just mulling over the options. I checked Craigslist for fun and happened upon a Redline, barely used, exactly what Preston wanted, for only $125.00. I took Preston to West Seattle, and he bought a new bicycle. This Redline is a few years old, and not hardly ridden at all. I had to do a little tuning up, but this is a better bicycle than the Joes bike. Quite a find! Now Me, Preston, and Hansen all have Redlines (Hansen got Preston's old Redline, his old bike is getting too small). I wish they made bikes like this when I was a kid, it is so cool.

I finished our 2008 Christmas Letter. No will get one in the mail in a few weeks. Maren says she liked our Reality Show Christmas Letter the best, I think I liked the Super Hero Christmas Letter the best. This one is just fine, and quite unique.

Yesterday we spent Veterans Day shopping at Value Village. Half price everything. Found plenty of good things. Afterwards we went to McDonalds around the corner for some Ice-cream. Yum.

I enjoyed leaf jumping with Lillie. In the rain and wind we decided to go rake leaves as today is yard waste pickup day. I raked a big pile and Lillie was going to jump in even though it was soaking wet...until she saw it! A big SLUG. No jumping on slugs for Lillie (not that dry leaf piles don't have slugs, she just never saw one before in a leaf pile). So instead she just jumped over the pile of leaves. I raked up about 7 more big piles of leaves and we raced from one side of the back yard, hurdling the leaf piles, to the other side of the yard in the poring rain for about 15 minutes. After we were done leaf jumping, I had to get all the piles in the yard waste container.

Today is a busy day as well,

See you tomorrow.


Grandpa and Bernice said...

What a newsy blog today. Did you notice that you said it is Monday??
I got really confused, but realized it was an error. You guys sure are busy people.
Love to you all

Julian's Blog said...

This morning really felt like a Monday!

Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Congrats to Preston on his new bicycle - sounds like a good one at a good price!

We can't wait to see the Christmas Letter - quite unique, eh...what could it be?

Grandma Slane would not jump in a leaf pile with a slug in it, either. Joey says he would, though. And he would probably eat the slug. Ewww!