Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maren still sick, rock band.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Maren was sick again. She missed the entire day of work and life. She slept the entire day and says she is feeling a little better today. This has been Maren's sickest season yet. She has been on every med, but still can't kick the flu/cold/crud/temp stuff. The rest of us are hanging in there (knock wood). Since Maren is the only one in our family to get a flu shot this season, and she has definitely been the sickest, I think the rest of us will be skipping that wonderful immunity boost this year.

Last night we broke out the Rock Band game. Nothing like jamming to the Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osborne. Preston rocks at the game, Hansen does very well, the rest of us just plain suck. I can't imagine what it must sound like to hear me singing "Tom Sawyer" over the microphone. Did not keep me from trying, or Lillie from crying...yeah, she wanted to just sing whatever, and drum crazy. We gave her the Guitar Hero guitar and let her sing when the word were not up. She will be the best at the game someday, just not yet.

Today is like Friday at school, no school for the next couple of days. I hope it is not too crazy!

See you tomorrow.

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