Monday, November 03, 2008

Lost tooth, legos.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday evening, Lillie lost her 4th tooth. Now she has a big gap on each side of her lower middle teeth. The photo is her getting ready for bed, with a letter and the tooth to the Tooth Fairy. At about 7:00pm, Lillie decided she needed to go to bed immediately! She did not want to miss the Tooth Fairy. We kept her up a couple more hours (it was the end of daylight savings time, and no one wanted her waking up at 5:00am) then off to bed. The Tooth Fairy did come and leave her $1.00, which has already been spent.

This photo is of Hansen with a Lego creation that he invented. Yes, he was supposed to be cleaning his room, but his Legos some how got in the way. We actually boxed up a huge amount of Legos to go in the attic, as well as a big box of toys, and the room is still not clean enough to handle both Christmas and his birthday. We will get there eventually.
Back to a rainy work week. My bicycle trailer did not keep the rain out during the day on Friday, so Lillie had a wet bum on the ride home. Hopefully it will work better today. I put some Scotch Guard on the cover, and maybe it won't rain quite as much.
See you tomorrow.


Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

Congratulations to Lillie on losing her 4th tooth and getting a dollar from the Tooth Fairy. Wow! Hansen's Lego creations are very artistic. Here's an idea for Lillie not getting a wet bottom: take a folded-up plastic bag and if the seat's wet, she can sit on it.

Julian's Blog said...

Good idea, I will bring a bum bag for her today.