Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fighting technology

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

It seems that I am fighting technology at every turn the last couple of days. At home I am trying to figure out my new phone. Not so easy for me. It took me a couple of tries just to find the stinking menu! Once I left the menu to adjust the sounds, I could not find the menu again. Now whenever someone texts me, my phone says that there is a text and from who in broken computer English. I thought I just programed it to vibrate! I just figured out that a qwerty keypad just means a keyboard set up like one on a computer. Yesterday I tried for way too long to install a music program called Rhapsody. The problem was that my computer would not let it load and after I was done, the computer did not even know how to connect to the Internet. This morning I just set everything back to default...and it worked. How frustrating. Maren thinks I just want everything to work and work now, and I should know it will just take me awhile to learn a phone with a 127 page user guide. Lack of patience, whatever, lets get on with it I say.

Keeping on the same thread, I just found out yesterday that when I log onto computers at work and all my stuff pops up on the screen, if I save anything it just goes to that computer, and you have to do special stuff to save to a "T" drive. Now I have not saved more than a couple of things, but I have to figure what computer those are on, save them to a "T" drive, then delete them off the local computer. I don't have a computer at work, so I just use a vacant one in the library when I need to use one. So by the time this week is over, I will either be way more computer savvy than I have been in the past, or simply become a customer services, wifes, kids, co-workers, and you fill in the blank, worst nightmare.

Maybe I should hold off a few months before buying a Nav system for geo caching. I am not quite ready to learn about longitude and latitude coordinates and how they relate to finding a specific location in the real world.

See you tomorrow.


Grandma Slane said...

That sounds totally frustrating! Why don't you buy a little thumb drive at Office Depot and save all your work stuff to it no matter what computer you're on? Ta ta!

Melanie Ostergard said...

You just need to map the drive in order to save your files at work. We had to do that at Lexis. I can help you if you want.

I can totally relate on the phone thing. I have had mine since the babies were born and I still don't really know how to use it. I don't understand the allure of texting either, it drives me crazy. My phone tries to outsmart me and it irritates me when it won't let me do what I want it to do....