Sunday, November 09, 2008


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night Lillie got to go to her friend Adi's house for Adi's birthday party. When Lillie got home all she wanted to do was play Charades. Apparently they had a good game of Charades at the party and Lillie did not want the partying to end. So we rounded up the kids, yes Preston and Hansen wanted to play. Maren, who is now sick, was kind of just crashed on the couch, but she did get up and participate every few rounds. The way we started out playing is that whoever guessed correctly what the performer was performing, would get to be the next to perform. Well, Lillie thought she should win every single round. And she turned into a violent loud sore looser when she was beat.

The game of Charades went was something like this: Lillie is performing as a ballerina. We all guess ballerina at the same time, but decide that Hansen won. Hansen thinks for a minute about what he will be, while he is thinking, we are all yelling out things that he is being, from the Thinker to Abe Lincoln to a Dork. Finally he comes out and is just kind of turning from side to side. Preston and Lillie yelling different things. Finally I guess he is a door. Lillie hears me say "Door", so she starts yelling, "Door, Door, Door, your are a Door!". Hansen says that Dad got it correct and Lillie falls on the ground crying that she guessed Door! I take my turn anyway. I think for a second and as I am thinking, the boys are yelling out stuff like bald guy, thinker, dork. I pretend to be a fish, so Preston guesses Fish. Lillie hears Preston guess Fish and yells "Fish, Fish, you are a Fish!". I say that Preston guessed first and Lillie falls on the ground crying that she guessed Fish! As Preston is thinking about what to be, we are all yelling out stuff from Thinker, to Abe Lincoln, to a Dork. Preston decides to be a gymnast...and finally Lillie guesses correctly. It is Lillie's turn to perform, so she decides to be a ballerina*. *At this point you could go back up to the top of this paragraph and reread it 20 times from where Lillie is performing as a ballerina, and you would get the feeling for the evening. It was really a pretty fun evening game, but it did not end pretty. Lillie did not ever want to quit. The rest of us never want to play again. Just now, Lillie came downstairs and needed to show me her Charades acting for a Giraffe (she was pretending to have a long neck?!?) and her imitation of Skunk Fu. Oy vey.

We will have to find a different game for tonight. Maybe I will just run away and go to the International Auto Show at the Qwest Convention Center...that does sound good.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Oh dear, I read posts like this and see my future flashing before me! I think you need to have little slips of paper with things on it and have people grab one for each turn. That way, perhaps Preston has to be a ballerina, and Lillie can get upset when she grabs something and doesn't knwo what it is.

Amber said...

And everybody will laugh and laugh when the correct answer is the Thinker, or Abe Lincoln, or a dork!

Grandma and Grandpa Slane said...

That was too funny! We both laughed out loud. We've never heard of Skunk Fu - Grandma Slane had to Google it. Now she wants to do her imitation of Skunk Fu. Grandpa Slane says wait up and he'll join you at the auto show. We're sorry to hear Maren's not feeling well - we hope she feels better soon.

Melanie Ostergard said...

I will need to ask Lillie to show me her version of a giraffe next time I see her, I can't wait to see what that must look like!