Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Black Friday as the shopping world has come to label the Friday after Thanksgiving. In years past I have woke up at 5:00am to go out into the madness and shop for great deals. This year I decided to sleep in...if you consider sleeping until 8:00am sleeping in. Once everyone wakes up and has breakfast and stuff, I will go out and see if one or two things are still in stock at a couple of stores with sales until 3:00pm, but waking up early did not sound so great. Besides, Maren thinks that with the poor economy, the great prices of this morning may not be so different than what is advertised in the next few weeks.

Today is the day we will put up our Christmas Tree. We will spend the day putting up the tree, decorating, going through the Christmas boxes, eating left over Pecan Pie (maybe just me on that one), then getting restless and going out to the driving range to get some fresh air (me and the boys). Tonight we will be sleeping under the Christmas Tree. I don't know exactly how long ago we started that tradition, but every year we sleep under the tree the day we put it up and decorate it. Should be a fun day.

Yesterday we had a very nice Thanksgiving day. I took the kids to the park for scooting on scooters, playing a little soccer, and goofing on the play ground. Lillie just loves the "salt and pepper" bars. At school recess a ton of kids play "salt and pepper" or other variations of the game where you chase another kid around the parallel bars while jumping over one every time you go around. Even though the bars are only up to my waist (up to Lillie's neck) Lillie has a much easier time swinging over the bars than I do. She just has a much farther way to fall once she gets tired. After the park we played a few grueling games of Scrabble. Luckily I was able to beat both Preston and Hansen...somehow every board game I ever play I get blamed for cheating. How do you cheat in Scrabble? So I don't spell well, that is not cheating! The kids got to make wooden projects with John in the basement, Hansen made a very cool ramp designed for sending marbles crashing into dominoes. We also had a wonderful dinner of everything you would expect from Thanksgiving dinner and more. We had a very nice Thanksgiving.

See you tomorrow.

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