Monday, November 10, 2008

The Auto Show.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday I did run off to the Auto Show. Since Maren was not feeling well and wanted to stay in bed the entire day, I called up John and Carol to see if John was interested in going to the Auto Show, and to see if any littles that were not up to the Auto Show could stay with Carol. As it turned out, I had John and Hansen with me at the Auto Show. Preston and Lillie decided to hang out with Carol. The Auto Show was more crowded than I have ever seen it...except for the Chevy and Dodge sections. Not too many folks checking out the latest from those two bail out benefactors. Lots of folks dreaming of what a Lamborghini or Porsche would look like in their driveway. Lots of people looking at the latest from Honda and Toyota. The Smart car was the only car I had to wait to sit in. I liked the new Subaru and the new Honda products, the Toyota's are still kind of boring IMO, but their hybrid get better mileage than the Honda. The first time Hansen sat behind the wheel of a Hybrid car, he quipped "What, is this a cross between a 5-iron and a car or something?" Hansen saw a person with a very cool little fan that said "Suzuki, a new way of life." as it spun. In order to win a fan for Hansen, I had to volunteer to be asked a question when the Suzuki girls were using the microphones to embarrass the public. I said sure, and was asked some question about Suzuki's profitability since 1956. Since my answer options were 1. Yes, and 2. Yes, I answered the question correctly and Hansen had himself a new fan. We picked up brochures from tons of folks, even a $500.00 coupon if I want to buy a Subaru in the next four weeks. Hmm...sounds good to me! There were tons of electric cars and surprisingly a bunch of electric bicycles that were fun to look at. I also got to check out the latest line of Kawasaki and Harley Davidson motorcycles. All in all we had a good time. Hansen never did get a $5.50 hot dog or a $7.00 mocha, not that he did not ask several times. John got to visit the Qwest Convention Center for the first time, and I enjoyed looking at the new cars even though I am not really in the market.

Maren did sleep away most of the day and thinks she is getting better. We will see how she is doing when she wakes up this morning. Preston checked out Freestyle bicycles at a couple of bicycle stores on the way to John and Carol's house, and he is itching to go buy one today.

See you tomorrow.

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