Thursday, November 13, 2008

50 Nifty days of school.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a very busy day for some of us. Today is the 50th day of school for the kids, so the Kindergarten and preschool classes in conjunction with SOAR (a committee that Maren is on) put on a program at Cedar Valley last night. Lillie had dance class last night from 4:30-5:50, then to the Program at the school from 6:00-7:30. We also took Hansen with us to dance class then to the 50 nifty program. I could write a whole blog about the two 3rd grade girls at dance class that know Hansen from school who were giggling on the other side of the wall about liking Hansen. One girl finally came around the wall while the other girl shrieked and said very quickly, "she likes the boy in the yellow shirt", then disappeared with a bunch of giggles. Hansen (the only boy, and wearing a yellow shirt) was playing backgammon with me in the waiting room and had no idea anyone was talking about him. Some of the other moms were cracking up, I am not sure what was funnier, that the girls were being so goofy, or that Hansen did not have a clue. Anyhow, we made it to the program just fine. Maren had been there helping to set up since 5:00pm (Preston was off to soccer practice, he had the choice to hang with us or go to soccer) At the program there were hot dogs, crafts, books, Maren presented a little story time, the kids dressed up in 50's clothes and had a photo of them (Lillie in a cute pink skirt and a scarf), and more crafts. Lillie was so funny when Maren was telling the cute story about 50 pigs playing hide and seek. Maren was being quite animated and making the story funny, Lillie at one point said just loud enough for everyone to hear "Mom, you are so funny!" There was a bunch of giggling with the story. There was a big enough crowd that Maren used the Smart Board with the help of Ms. Mann. Maren was not so sure about using to Smart Board to read a story, but it worked out perfectly. The Smart Board is very cool. The program was very fun and very well attended. We got home about two minutes before Preston did, so it worked out perfectly.

Today Maren works late again, Hansen has choir practice, but Preston and Lillie are off the hook from extra stuff.

See you tomorrow.

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