Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sleeping under the Christmas Tree.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

My back is stiff and my eyes are heavy. Yup, I slept (kind of) on the couch, on the floor, on the love seat, and back on the floor by the time the night was over. Sleeping under the tree works much better when you are a kid. Lillie and Preston stayed in their chosen spots on the floor, but Hansen switched from the love seat to the couch. Maren hung out with us for a bit, but was smart enough to head up to her real bed. In fact, she is still sleeping. Before going to sleep we kind of told stories. Lillie told a few good stories, Preston had some good stories. Hansen never really finished a story because once it got too gory...his turn was over. Maren and I had our turns as well.

This is Lillie helping decorate the tree.

Preston and Hansen playing scrabble at the Ostergard's house on Thanksgiving.

Hansen, Lillie and Preston at the park on Thanksgiving.
Today we don't have much planned, we may hang out, we may shop for couches again. The red leather couches Maren wants from Ikea are never in stock, every two weeks we are told to check back in two weeks. Who knows if they will ever be in stock. I am happy to switch to a dark brown or a black, we will see.
See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Black Friday as the shopping world has come to label the Friday after Thanksgiving. In years past I have woke up at 5:00am to go out into the madness and shop for great deals. This year I decided to sleep in...if you consider sleeping until 8:00am sleeping in. Once everyone wakes up and has breakfast and stuff, I will go out and see if one or two things are still in stock at a couple of stores with sales until 3:00pm, but waking up early did not sound so great. Besides, Maren thinks that with the poor economy, the great prices of this morning may not be so different than what is advertised in the next few weeks.

Today is the day we will put up our Christmas Tree. We will spend the day putting up the tree, decorating, going through the Christmas boxes, eating left over Pecan Pie (maybe just me on that one), then getting restless and going out to the driving range to get some fresh air (me and the boys). Tonight we will be sleeping under the Christmas Tree. I don't know exactly how long ago we started that tradition, but every year we sleep under the tree the day we put it up and decorate it. Should be a fun day.

Yesterday we had a very nice Thanksgiving day. I took the kids to the park for scooting on scooters, playing a little soccer, and goofing on the play ground. Lillie just loves the "salt and pepper" bars. At school recess a ton of kids play "salt and pepper" or other variations of the game where you chase another kid around the parallel bars while jumping over one every time you go around. Even though the bars are only up to my waist (up to Lillie's neck) Lillie has a much easier time swinging over the bars than I do. She just has a much farther way to fall once she gets tired. After the park we played a few grueling games of Scrabble. Luckily I was able to beat both Preston and Hansen...somehow every board game I ever play I get blamed for cheating. How do you cheat in Scrabble? So I don't spell well, that is not cheating! The kids got to make wooden projects with John in the basement, Hansen made a very cool ramp designed for sending marbles crashing into dominoes. We also had a wonderful dinner of everything you would expect from Thanksgiving dinner and more. We had a very nice Thanksgiving.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are going to the Ostergard's house for our Thanksgiving feast. Turkey and all the trimmings, yum! Should be a nice mellow Thanksgiving for us. Mel, Court and the twins are in Montana with Court's family and Stef is in Austin this year. So it will just be the seven of us. I may bring the boys to the skate park or the bmx track depending on the weather. So we may end up having an Extreme Thanksgiving. For everyone in Florida, New Orleans, Boston, Texas, Arizona, Washington, or where ever you may be when you are reading this, I wish for you a Happy Thanksgiving.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Maren still sick, rock band.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday Maren was sick again. She missed the entire day of work and life. She slept the entire day and says she is feeling a little better today. This has been Maren's sickest season yet. She has been on every med, but still can't kick the flu/cold/crud/temp stuff. The rest of us are hanging in there (knock wood). Since Maren is the only one in our family to get a flu shot this season, and she has definitely been the sickest, I think the rest of us will be skipping that wonderful immunity boost this year.

Last night we broke out the Rock Band game. Nothing like jamming to the Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osborne. Preston rocks at the game, Hansen does very well, the rest of us just plain suck. I can't imagine what it must sound like to hear me singing "Tom Sawyer" over the microphone. Did not keep me from trying, or Lillie from crying...yeah, she wanted to just sing whatever, and drum crazy. We gave her the Guitar Hero guitar and let her sing when the word were not up. She will be the best at the game someday, just not yet.

Today is like Friday at school, no school for the next couple of days. I hope it is not too crazy!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Volleyball win.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday Preston's volleyball team won their match. The girl's team won their match as well. Lots of happy Grass Lake kids running around after the match. The girl's team finished their matches first, then came over and watched as the boy's team wound up their last match. Preston and one of his buddies almost missed the line to shake the other teams hands (the kids all line up, and slap hands under the net with the other team) because they were over bragging about their great shots to the girls.

I don't have much else to blog about and I have to wake the kids for school, so I will see you tomorrow.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Preston's goal, Hansen plays the Flute.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I mentioned that I would not blog Sunday if the Huskies lost...and they did. Darn. They could have won, they had their chances, they really are just a team with a big fat 0 in their win column for the year. The Seahawks are not any better, and we don't even have the Sonics, what!

Preston wants me to tell you about his awesome goal in his game Saturday. He had a free kick from about 25 yard out. The other team was all in a line in front of him and he kicked a rocket that went over their heads, then curved into the corner of the goal. It was a big league goal. Preston's team still lost 2-1, but Preston was thrilled with his goal. I am glad Preston enjoyed his goal because some on his team and some of the parents are big whiners. I was embarrassed to be on the sidelines with some of the parents who were yelling at the refs, and at the other team's parents. Talk about pathetic. The team consists of 11 and 12 year olds, and they are not that good in comparison to other select teams they play. They do play tough, they try their best, but they loose to better teams, then they blame the refs. Every week...Hmm...sounds like I am whining, and I guess I am, but not about the team or the refs, but about the other parents who just engrain looserness into the kids.

Yesterday Preston went to a birthday party for a friend of his at Noobs, a modern gaming arcade and had fun. I took Hansen up to the North Bend Library to participate in a Native American Flute class. The guy who was the amazing flute player at the program we attended a few weeks ago, was teaching how to play the flute. Each person in the class got to use a very fancy flute and learn how to play. These flutes are hand made from cedar. They are quite expensive and no two are exactly the same. It was very fun and Hansen enjoyed himself. The picture is of Hansen playing a lullaby on his big flute. Of course the flute was just a loaner, but we did get to go up and pick flutes from a big row. The instructor said the the flute picks the person, much like the wand picks the wizard in Harry Potter...So me and Hansen just tried to figure out what flute was trying to pick us. My flute was very nice, but it could have picked a better person if it actually wanted to make nice music, guess that was not its main objective.

Today is back to normal. Preston has a Volleyball match after school, the rest of us have no big plans.

See you Tomorrow.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Huskies!

Good Morning, it is Saturday.


Apple Cup today. The talk shows call it the "Crapple Cup". Maybe U of W can get one win this season!!! Beat the Cougars, and the year is all good.

I don't have much time to post this morning due to Preston's soccer game, so this is quick. Yesterday did go very smoothly. Preston did a great job at his jazz performance, he was even the MC for his group and got to go on the microphone to introduce his group. I did not see any other school kids get to do that! Hansen is having fun at his overnight, and everyone had a fun time at the party for Alex. We all got home at the same time, which was nice.

See you tomorrow...that is is the Huskies win.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Computer crash, report cards

Good morning, it is Friday.

My computer has been freaking out and was taken apart yesterday, that is why I did not blog. I had added an extra memory card from my older computer, and it all worked fine, for a while. Once it started to go down hill, it got to where it crash every time I went online. I tried to buy more RAM, but my computer uses an older type and I need to go to Fry's or a big store to find the right stuff. Until I do that, no playing with music files and extra fancy stuff, just simple slow stuff. Preston has been freaking out not being able to check his e-mail or play computer games. He will be happy this morning as I got this old computer working last night, this weekend I will try to find the time to buy more RAM.

Yesterday Hansen and Lillie got their report cards yesterday. They both did great. Yes, we always think they are doing great, but it is nice to see that reflected in a report card. Hansen thinks he should get tons of money and stuff. Preston will get his report card next week, then we can do some type of celebration for all the kids.

Tonight Hansen has a birthday party at his cousin Alex's house. Lillie will also be at the party, but only Hansen will be spending the night. Hansen has been counting down the days. Tonight Preston is playing Jazz music at Kona Kai Coffee with a few other kids and his band teacher. One of us parents will be taking Preston, the other Hansen. Should be busy, but fun.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Crazy Raven.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Every once in a while, something totally unexpected happens, and it turns out to be great. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I don't really know why, but I am always walking into places just before cool programs and stuff. Yesterday we were just hanging out at home with no plans for the evening. I decided I wanted to go to Office Depot to buy more RAM for my computer and a new memory card for my phone. I had just filled in L and H's reading charts and they had read enough to win a new book from the Covington Library. So on a total whim, I asked the littles if they wanted to go to the Library and to Office Depot. They said yes, and we headed out the door. When we got to the Library, they were about to have a program called One Crazy Raven, Presented by Gene Tagaban. We decided to stay as the Library was packed and everyone was raving about this story teller. The program was excellent. Started with some cool Native American flute playing, then Gene Tagaban took over, he is an excellent story teller and along with his drum, flute, and audience kids, he told stories of the Raven, of being honored by his elders, and other positive stuff. Hansen and Lillie had a good time, it was very educational as well as totally entertaining. By the way, Lillie chose a Magic School Bus book, Hansen a Series Of Unfortunate Events book for their free books. And no, we never made it to Office Depot to buy more RAM or a memory card. But with my luck I will find a deal or two in the next couple of days that far exceeds what I would have paid last night.

This Picture is Lillie playing instruments with the performers. Lillie is on the far right.
This is a picture of the Raven Dance. I could not get a great shot, but this works.
These pictures are with my new phone. It has a 3.3 something, something camera and it take as good pics as my normal camera. I may just stop carrying my camera and just my phone. These photos were then e-mailed to myself, but it think they would be even better if I download through the USB ports?
Today Preston has soccer, Lillie has dance, and Maren works a little late.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fighting technology

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

It seems that I am fighting technology at every turn the last couple of days. At home I am trying to figure out my new phone. Not so easy for me. It took me a couple of tries just to find the stinking menu! Once I left the menu to adjust the sounds, I could not find the menu again. Now whenever someone texts me, my phone says that there is a text and from who in broken computer English. I thought I just programed it to vibrate! I just figured out that a qwerty keypad just means a keyboard set up like one on a computer. Yesterday I tried for way too long to install a music program called Rhapsody. The problem was that my computer would not let it load and after I was done, the computer did not even know how to connect to the Internet. This morning I just set everything back to default...and it worked. How frustrating. Maren thinks I just want everything to work and work now, and I should know it will just take me awhile to learn a phone with a 127 page user guide. Lack of patience, whatever, lets get on with it I say.

Keeping on the same thread, I just found out yesterday that when I log onto computers at work and all my stuff pops up on the screen, if I save anything it just goes to that computer, and you have to do special stuff to save to a "T" drive. Now I have not saved more than a couple of things, but I have to figure what computer those are on, save them to a "T" drive, then delete them off the local computer. I don't have a computer at work, so I just use a vacant one in the library when I need to use one. So by the time this week is over, I will either be way more computer savvy than I have been in the past, or simply become a customer services, wifes, kids, co-workers, and you fill in the blank, worst nightmare.

Maybe I should hold off a few months before buying a Nav system for geo caching. I am not quite ready to learn about longitude and latitude coordinates and how they relate to finding a specific location in the real world.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pizza, skating, football.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday Preston had a soccer game against a team that beat them soundly in the past. Preston's team kept them to a 0-0 tie, which felt like a victory. Afterwards the team went out for pizza. I brought Hansen to the game because he wanted to go to the pizza place (we went to Goodfather's Pizza in Auburn, they still used the glass pitchers that were around when I was a kid). We also brought Preston's friend Josh. The entire team enjoyed the arcade, pizza and fun.

Preston has been begging to bring his new skateboard (and skills) to the skate park. Yesterday I offered to bring the kids, yes Lillie and Hansen wanted to go. We decided on the small park in Maple Valley as it is usually not as busy as the bigger newer parks. And we guessed right. We were the only ones there for about 20 minutes. Hansen was using his scooter to jump and crash. Lillie was going very fast on her scooter, just cruising down the long gradual ramps, and Preston was a little surprised at the learning curve of skateboarding on a ramp. I showed him a few moves like dropping in, stalling and coming back down, and just going up a ramp and 180ing back down. I try not to do too much as the concrete ground seems to hurt adults more than kids. Preston was just a bit too shy and scared to do much. When a few 16 year old kids showed up and started doing cool tricks, it was over for Preston. Too embarrassed to be a beginner. In a couple more years when his peers are the ones hanging out at the skate parks, he will be the one with all the moves.

Yesterday Lillie was playing football with the big kids. A few big kids were out playing football, and Lillie was tired of doing nothing, so she went out to watch the game. They let her throw a few passes and even kick the ball off the tee. Lillie thought it was great. In the NFL, I was hoping the Washington Redskins would beat the Dallas Cowboys last night. Now that Jim Zorn is the head coach of the Washington Redskins, they are my new favorite team.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

overnight, new phones, M still sick.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

The little girls (Lillie and Claire) got off on their overnight adventure with Nana no problem. Lillie packed her bag all by herself, so I hope she actually has an appropriate change of clothes. We never heard from them after they left, and don't expect to see them until after dinner time. When Lillie and Claire were driving away in the back seats of John and Carol's car, they were yelling out the window to me, "good night Dad, don't cry!", then laughing their heads off.

We got our new cell phones yesterday. We switched to Verizon and got pretty darn cool phones. Our phone numbers are not changing. Preston is very happy that texting is now part of the family plan and he no longer has to pay for his texts. Preston had his working in a matter of minutes. I think it may take me the whole two year term to figure out how to work my phone. Maren and I got kind of fancy phones, while the kids get plain phones. I am guessing that next time we get phones (hopefully not for a long time) the kids will get the fancy phones and Maren and I will be happy to be back to basic phones. Preston really wanted a fancy phone, and offered to pay any extra $$$ himself, but with news stories about kids getting beat up over cell phones, he is just lucky to have a phone at all. Actually, I really like him having a phone. He goes to a different school than me and the littles and is old enough to roam around with his friends a bit, so it is good to be able to get in contact with him.

Maren is still sick. She had to cancel on her friends last night, they were having a girls night get together at one of her friend's houses. She also had to cancel a visit with a friend today. As of yesterday she is on a whole new set of meds to see if she can kick what ever it is she has. The rest of us are still hanging in there (knock wood) and hoping that once Maren is better, we will all be healthy for a while.

Preston has a soccer game today, then the team is getting together for pizza afterward.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Good morning, it is Friday.

$1.979 is how much per gallon of gas I paid last night at the Costco Gas Station in Covington. A few months ago I did not ever think I would see gas for less than $3.50 per gallon ever again in my lifetime, and I thought it would be steady around $5.00 for years to come. Now gas is back to under $2.00, at least for a while. Crazy. I am still glad I ride my bicycle to work most days.

After school Lillie will be picked up by her Nana and will be joined by her cousin Claire for a girls night overnight at Nana's house. Sounds like Dinner, a Tinkerbell movie, games, maybe some sleep, then errands and nails done will polish off the first half of the weekend. Lillie is excited.

Preston has Volleyball practice this morning before school. Maren will be out having dinner with her girlfriends this evening. I don't know what me and the boys will do tonight.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

50 Nifty days of school.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a very busy day for some of us. Today is the 50th day of school for the kids, so the Kindergarten and preschool classes in conjunction with SOAR (a committee that Maren is on) put on a program at Cedar Valley last night. Lillie had dance class last night from 4:30-5:50, then to the Program at the school from 6:00-7:30. We also took Hansen with us to dance class then to the 50 nifty program. I could write a whole blog about the two 3rd grade girls at dance class that know Hansen from school who were giggling on the other side of the wall about liking Hansen. One girl finally came around the wall while the other girl shrieked and said very quickly, "she likes the boy in the yellow shirt", then disappeared with a bunch of giggles. Hansen (the only boy, and wearing a yellow shirt) was playing backgammon with me in the waiting room and had no idea anyone was talking about him. Some of the other moms were cracking up, I am not sure what was funnier, that the girls were being so goofy, or that Hansen did not have a clue. Anyhow, we made it to the program just fine. Maren had been there helping to set up since 5:00pm (Preston was off to soccer practice, he had the choice to hang with us or go to soccer) At the program there were hot dogs, crafts, books, Maren presented a little story time, the kids dressed up in 50's clothes and had a photo of them (Lillie in a cute pink skirt and a scarf), and more crafts. Lillie was so funny when Maren was telling the cute story about 50 pigs playing hide and seek. Maren was being quite animated and making the story funny, Lillie at one point said just loud enough for everyone to hear "Mom, you are so funny!" There was a bunch of giggling with the story. There was a big enough crowd that Maren used the Smart Board with the help of Ms. Mann. Maren was not so sure about using to Smart Board to read a story, but it worked out perfectly. The Smart Board is very cool. The program was very fun and very well attended. We got home about two minutes before Preston did, so it worked out perfectly.

Today Maren works late again, Hansen has choir practice, but Preston and Lillie are off the hook from extra stuff.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New bicycle, leaf jumping.

Good morning, it is Monday.

It seemed like we just did not do anything the last couple of days, but when I think of things to write, we did quite a bit. I will keep things short so you don't spend your entire day on my blog site.

Preston got a new bicycle. Yup, he was looking at Freestyle bicycles. The cheapest decent ones at Joes were $200.00. The cheapest Redlines at the bicycle stores that would do the job started at $300.00. We love Redline bicycles around here, so we were just mulling over the options. I checked Craigslist for fun and happened upon a Redline, barely used, exactly what Preston wanted, for only $125.00. I took Preston to West Seattle, and he bought a new bicycle. This Redline is a few years old, and not hardly ridden at all. I had to do a little tuning up, but this is a better bicycle than the Joes bike. Quite a find! Now Me, Preston, and Hansen all have Redlines (Hansen got Preston's old Redline, his old bike is getting too small). I wish they made bikes like this when I was a kid, it is so cool.

I finished our 2008 Christmas Letter. No will get one in the mail in a few weeks. Maren says she liked our Reality Show Christmas Letter the best, I think I liked the Super Hero Christmas Letter the best. This one is just fine, and quite unique.

Yesterday we spent Veterans Day shopping at Value Village. Half price everything. Found plenty of good things. Afterwards we went to McDonalds around the corner for some Ice-cream. Yum.

I enjoyed leaf jumping with Lillie. In the rain and wind we decided to go rake leaves as today is yard waste pickup day. I raked a big pile and Lillie was going to jump in even though it was soaking wet...until she saw it! A big SLUG. No jumping on slugs for Lillie (not that dry leaf piles don't have slugs, she just never saw one before in a leaf pile). So instead she just jumped over the pile of leaves. I raked up about 7 more big piles of leaves and we raced from one side of the back yard, hurdling the leaf piles, to the other side of the yard in the poring rain for about 15 minutes. After we were done leaf jumping, I had to get all the piles in the yard waste container.

Today is a busy day as well,

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Good Morning, it is Tuesday.

Happy Veterans Day to my Grandpa Sandler. Happy Veterans Day to Maren's Dad, John. Happy Veterans Day to all other Veterans. Both Cedar Valley and Grass lake elementary schools held very nice Veterans Day assemblies last week, and today the kids have the day off of school.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Auto Show.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday I did run off to the Auto Show. Since Maren was not feeling well and wanted to stay in bed the entire day, I called up John and Carol to see if John was interested in going to the Auto Show, and to see if any littles that were not up to the Auto Show could stay with Carol. As it turned out, I had John and Hansen with me at the Auto Show. Preston and Lillie decided to hang out with Carol. The Auto Show was more crowded than I have ever seen it...except for the Chevy and Dodge sections. Not too many folks checking out the latest from those two bail out benefactors. Lots of folks dreaming of what a Lamborghini or Porsche would look like in their driveway. Lots of people looking at the latest from Honda and Toyota. The Smart car was the only car I had to wait to sit in. I liked the new Subaru and the new Honda products, the Toyota's are still kind of boring IMO, but their hybrid get better mileage than the Honda. The first time Hansen sat behind the wheel of a Hybrid car, he quipped "What, is this a cross between a 5-iron and a car or something?" Hansen saw a person with a very cool little fan that said "Suzuki, a new way of life." as it spun. In order to win a fan for Hansen, I had to volunteer to be asked a question when the Suzuki girls were using the microphones to embarrass the public. I said sure, and was asked some question about Suzuki's profitability since 1956. Since my answer options were 1. Yes, and 2. Yes, I answered the question correctly and Hansen had himself a new fan. We picked up brochures from tons of folks, even a $500.00 coupon if I want to buy a Subaru in the next four weeks. Hmm...sounds good to me! There were tons of electric cars and surprisingly a bunch of electric bicycles that were fun to look at. I also got to check out the latest line of Kawasaki and Harley Davidson motorcycles. All in all we had a good time. Hansen never did get a $5.50 hot dog or a $7.00 mocha, not that he did not ask several times. John got to visit the Qwest Convention Center for the first time, and I enjoyed looking at the new cars even though I am not really in the market.

Maren did sleep away most of the day and thinks she is getting better. We will see how she is doing when she wakes up this morning. Preston checked out Freestyle bicycles at a couple of bicycle stores on the way to John and Carol's house, and he is itching to go buy one today.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night Lillie got to go to her friend Adi's house for Adi's birthday party. When Lillie got home all she wanted to do was play Charades. Apparently they had a good game of Charades at the party and Lillie did not want the partying to end. So we rounded up the kids, yes Preston and Hansen wanted to play. Maren, who is now sick, was kind of just crashed on the couch, but she did get up and participate every few rounds. The way we started out playing is that whoever guessed correctly what the performer was performing, would get to be the next to perform. Well, Lillie thought she should win every single round. And she turned into a violent loud sore looser when she was beat.

The game of Charades went was something like this: Lillie is performing as a ballerina. We all guess ballerina at the same time, but decide that Hansen won. Hansen thinks for a minute about what he will be, while he is thinking, we are all yelling out things that he is being, from the Thinker to Abe Lincoln to a Dork. Finally he comes out and is just kind of turning from side to side. Preston and Lillie yelling different things. Finally I guess he is a door. Lillie hears me say "Door", so she starts yelling, "Door, Door, Door, your are a Door!". Hansen says that Dad got it correct and Lillie falls on the ground crying that she guessed Door! I take my turn anyway. I think for a second and as I am thinking, the boys are yelling out stuff like bald guy, thinker, dork. I pretend to be a fish, so Preston guesses Fish. Lillie hears Preston guess Fish and yells "Fish, Fish, you are a Fish!". I say that Preston guessed first and Lillie falls on the ground crying that she guessed Fish! As Preston is thinking about what to be, we are all yelling out stuff from Thinker, to Abe Lincoln, to a Dork. Preston decides to be a gymnast...and finally Lillie guesses correctly. It is Lillie's turn to perform, so she decides to be a ballerina*. *At this point you could go back up to the top of this paragraph and reread it 20 times from where Lillie is performing as a ballerina, and you would get the feeling for the evening. It was really a pretty fun evening game, but it did not end pretty. Lillie did not ever want to quit. The rest of us never want to play again. Just now, Lillie came downstairs and needed to show me her Charades acting for a Giraffe (she was pretending to have a long neck?!?) and her imitation of Skunk Fu. Oy vey.

We will have to find a different game for tonight. Maybe I will just run away and go to the International Auto Show at the Qwest Convention Center...that does sound good.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

No alarm clock!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

No alarm clock for four days! I have Monday and Tuesday off from work as Monday is report card day and no school for kids, and Tuesday is Veterans' Day. Maren also took Monday and Tuesday off from work so we are all just going to be hanging out.

I will spend some time today shopping for a new cell phone plan for the family. Qwest is switching over to Verizon and they have their *special* deals online and such, only the deals online are not necessarily better than the deals at the stores like Costco and Walmart, so I am going to have to just spend some time on the phone trying to get things figured out. Unfortunately cell phones are going to cost this family a bunch more than the old plan we were on, but I don't think we actually want to go without cell phones, so we will just bite the bullet and pay more.

Preston is on the road to recovery. He had strep throat and is on antibiotics. He missed school Thursday and Friday but is feeling much better as of last night. He will miss his soccer game today, hopefully his team can pull off a win. Preston has discovered soccer, bicycle and skateboard highlights on On Demand, so he has been watching too much TV. So far the rest of us are staying healthy [knock wood] and we should have a fun weekend.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 07, 2008

McTeacher's night at McDonald's

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was McTeacher's night at the local McDonald's. I have to give the staff at Cedar Valley a big kudos because there were so many staff members there that every kid who came into McDonald's for the evening got to see a teacher they they either had or have. The office staff was there, the Principal was there, and a bunch of teachers were there working away. The lines were huge and we were very lucky to find a table. There were kids from Lillie's class and kids from Hansen's class. I saw plenty of kids from my word study classes and from the classes I help in during the day. I don't know how much money was raised for the school, but it had to be a ton. We (me, Lillie, and Hansen. Preston was sick, and Maren was working) got there about 5:30 and stayed for about an hour. We went thought he lines first for our dinner, then a second time for ice-cream and some take out for Maren and Preston. McTeacher's night was a ton of fun.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday Lillie ran up to me after school with a huge grin on her face and totally excited. "Guess what! Guess what!" she yelled as she crashed into me. "What, what?" I said, "and don't crash into me so hard." I thought maybe she got an extra cookie for a friend's birthday or an invitation to a party or something really cool. "I have homework!!!" she said, grinning from ear to ear. Yup, homework. I don't know what planet this girl is from...who gets that excited about homework, not Hansen and certainly I never did. She was just so excited to have homework. By the time we got home (we rode our bicycles and Lillie was in the trailer) her homework was in her hand and she was first to the door just itching to get inside to do her homework. Five minutes later, her homework was done and things were back to normal. After dinner, Hansen did his homework, but things are different. He seems to think that the fact that he is even attempting his homework should draw celebration from his parents. "Can you get me a pencil?", that is what we hear from Hansen. As if he says he is going to attempt his homework so the entire world should now cater to his every whim. Preston usually does his homework no problem, but last night he was sick and just crashed on the couch. He is not expecting to be well enough to attend school today, so the did not even do his homework. If he wakes up healthy, he will be stressing out.

Yesterday was also the Veterans' Day Celebration Assembly at Grass Lake. Preston got to sit with John, then Preston played his clarinet in the music portion. The rest of us did not make it to the show, but I am sure Preston and John had a fine time.

Tonight is McTeacher's night at McDonald's. The teachers serve the food and stuff with a percent of the proceeds going to the school. Should be fun.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The title of my blog was the huge headline on today's Seattle Times newspaper. How many different ways will that be said in print around the world this morning? Did you actually think you would go to bed last night with Obama winning by a landslide and hearing the speeches of both McCain and Obama before 9:00pm? It was the very minute that the west coast polls closed that the the race was officially called. What a change. Amazing. And the candidate's election day parties pretty much summed up the whole race. McCain at a rich private hotel in Arizona without a hint of diversity vs. Obama in Grant Park in Chicago with a crowd of hundreds of thousands of diverse people just wanting to be there. Obama's party was like an opening ceremonies for the Olympics, much bigger than what a political party has ever felt like as far as I can remember. Wow!

We still don't have results of our state's mayor or senate races. Some of these races are just too close to call and it will be some time after hand counts and stuff that a winner is actually awarded. The Dems certainly have the momentum, but no winner just yet.

Today is the Veterans' Day Assembly at Preston's school. Lillie has dance class, and the rest of us are just hanging out.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Election day is finally here. Tomorrow there will be no more political adds on TV. I enjoy toothpaste and auto adds far more than the standard political add. There was one ad against Gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi where he morphed into George Bush that was kind of cool. Also one of our favorite teachers, Ms. Hickey, was on a ad for a local named Geoff Simpson. But all these horrid ads about how if so and so wins, then you will have more sex offenders in your neighborhood stalking your children, or are just not appropriate for anyone.

Maren is voting as I type, I will vote on my lunch break. This evening we will have every TV on to a news channel to see who won what. If you are like us, and vote at a polling center in King County, enjoy yourself as this is the last time we get to vote in person. Starting next year all voting in our county will be by mail. Kind of like loosing the ability to meet your friends and family at the gate when they arrive at an airport, loosing the ability to vote at a polling center is kind of a bummer.

Preston is wearing his Barack and Roll shirt to school today.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lost tooth, legos.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday evening, Lillie lost her 4th tooth. Now she has a big gap on each side of her lower middle teeth. The photo is her getting ready for bed, with a letter and the tooth to the Tooth Fairy. At about 7:00pm, Lillie decided she needed to go to bed immediately! She did not want to miss the Tooth Fairy. We kept her up a couple more hours (it was the end of daylight savings time, and no one wanted her waking up at 5:00am) then off to bed. The Tooth Fairy did come and leave her $1.00, which has already been spent.

This photo is of Hansen with a Lego creation that he invented. Yes, he was supposed to be cleaning his room, but his Legos some how got in the way. We actually boxed up a huge amount of Legos to go in the attic, as well as a big box of toys, and the room is still not clean enough to handle both Christmas and his birthday. We will get there eventually.
Back to a rainy work week. My bicycle trailer did not keep the rain out during the day on Friday, so Lillie had a wet bum on the ride home. Hopefully it will work better today. I put some Scotch Guard on the cover, and maybe it won't rain quite as much.
See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Good morning, it is Saturday.

Yesterday was a fun day. My last half an hour of work was spent helping in the kid's classrooms helping at their parties. I visited Hansen's class first. I helped pass out goodies and just hung out and watched the kids party. After a while I went to Lillie's class. They were making some fun spider crafts and playing bingo. They also got plenty of treats. Preston said his party was fun, but being at a different school, I just did not make it over there.

In the evening, we went Trick or Treating. Preston went with his friend Connor, they got tons of candy. Preston brought his candy over to Connor's house and spent the night. I will be curious to see how much of his candy he ate. He and Connor have a soccer game at 2:00 today, so I figure his parents kept them in check a little. I took Hansen and Lillie out around the neighborhood. I saw some kids from school. The kids saw some friends. We stayed out until about 7:45 when Lillie decided she was just too tired to trick or treat any longer.

The kid's costumes were the same ones they had on at the Waterfront, except for Preston decided to be a soccer player. Boooring, but effective for running from house to house gathering candy. This year there were not nearly the amount of kids trick or treating as usual. I don't know if the kids are just getting older, that seems to be the case in our neighborhood, no kids out of elementary school were out trick or treating, or if more kids go to functions at schools or church. Anyhow, the last few bunches of trick or treaters got a ton of candy. You should have seen Lillie dishing hand fulls of candy into jr. high school girl's candy bags at 8:30pm.

Hope you had a fun Halloween. Here is your joke for the day. What kind of music do mummies like to listen to most? Wrap music.

See you tomorrow.