Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why I did not blog yesterday...

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Some of my loyal readers will be wondering why I did not blog yesterday. It is not strange for me to miss a weekend day every weekend, but to skip a Tuesday is not very normal. Well, I just did not feel like blogging because yesterday was slated to be a very crummy day, one to just get through at our house. For the last few months it had become quite obvious that it was time for our old cat Spiff to be moving on to the great beyond. Maren and I adopted him (and Doc, who we have not had for about 7 years) back when Maren was still in College, just after I graduated. Monday I made the appointment at the local pet hospital to bring him in, and yesterday I did just that. The animal hospital was very nice and did a very good job. The kids knew this day was on the horizon, but Lillie especially took it very hard. Spiff was a great cat for over 16 years. Joe and Ranger, our other cats, are still trying to figure out what happened to old goat Spiff. So there you go, crummy day. Spiff will be missed around here.

Another worry over the weekend was that we started hearing a running water sound in the pipes in the walls near the center of the house where the washer/dryer are and up to the upstairs bathroom. I searched high and low for a leak and could not find anything, the the noise was unavoidable. Lillie thought that there were crickets in the walls. I called my friend Horace, who is a plumber and he agreed to come by yesterday afternoon and take a look around. At first he could not hear the sound, then he could hear it upstairs, then we went in the crawl space to look for leaking water, and the sound was louder, but no water. Finally while searching for the sound we ended up near the back wall of the house. And guess what? The water faucet in the back yard was turned on just enough to where there really was no water running out of the hose, but the pipes were vibrating. My guess is that a child used the hose over the weekend and did not have the strength to turn the water all the way off. Just a half a turn and no more crickets in the walls. I was a little embarrassed to have Horace crawling around the crawl space just to find the outside faucet was on, but I sure and glad it was not a leak. Another learning experience!

Today we are back to a regular schedule, with the exception of Preston's soccer which has been moved to 7.30 to 9.00 pm due to getting a lighted field to practice on. I am not very happy with two per week practices for 6th graders being so late on school nights, and I may be asking the coach to let me know which practice is more important and limiting Preston to one per week. Preston wants to go to both, but it is just too late and disruptive for him and the rest of the family to have him out at soccer until 9.30 pm and then winding down after the littles should be in bed. Hmph.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I am sorry to hear about Spiff. He was a good cat.

Mom and Dad Slane said...

We're so sorry to hear about Spiff - what a great cat he was, a real part of the family. It's sad to think that we won't get to see him next time we visit. You took good care of him for a long time, and he had a good life. We know you'll all miss him, and we're sorry for your loss.