Monday, October 06, 2008

soccer, laughing, allowance.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We had a pretty fun weekend around here. Well, everyone except Preston, he stayed home sick on Friday and was still sick most of the weekend. He even missed his soccer game Saturday morning, but the nice thing was that we all got to sleep in. Hansen did not miss his soccer game Saturday at 11:30. He was ready to go, even after spending the night on Friday at his friend Kole's house. Hansen's game was right smack in the middle of the worst weekend weather. He had totally pouring rain and wind so hard I had to put my umbrella away! Hansen's team got beat by a very good team, but Hansen played defender so well that the score would have been much much worse than it was if he was not on his game. Lillie enjoyed her dance class, but she has been asking to switch back to ballet/jazz from the hip hop/tap class she is in. We will see if that is available.

Yesterday Lillie was in a laughing mood. At lunch I was attempting enjoy some coffee and Lillie decided to try it. Every time she would go to take a sip, she would start laughing uncontrollably. She said it was because I was just looking at her?!? Well, after her unsuccessfully drinking her coffee, (it is now her coffee as her laughing coffee spit and backwash into my coffee, it does not take long before I just give her the coffee) she decides that the only way she can actually drink her coffee is if I just put my head down. It was very fun, I would just peek at her and coffee would be flying. I guess you just had to be there.

Lillie's mood changed a little in the afternoon when was playing with her new Polly Pocket toys. In the evening she was wishing she had gotten the Polly Pocket Mermaid set rather than the Polly Pocket kitty set. Yup, yesterday was allowance day and we (me and the kids) spent way too much time at Fred Meyer's while Maren got to have a nice visit with her friend Judy. Hansen spent all his allowance and dog sitting money (Hansen has had a job for the last few weeks letting the neighbor dog out after school) on Lego Batman for his Nintendo DS, and a pack of Yugioh playing cards. Preston pocketed his money, now he has more money than his parents!

Overall, good weekend. Lets hope the kids wake up healthy!

See you tomorrow.

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