Monday, October 20, 2008

Soccer, auction, pictures.

Good morning, it is Monday.

What a weekend. Saturday both the boys had soccer games. Preston made a goal in his game as his team won 2-1. Preston had a second goal questionably called back for being off sides. Hansen's team lost 3-2, but they played a very good game against a very good team. Hansen was his usual amazing defender.

Saturday evening was also the AYSA auction dinner. I went with Mark (Preston's coach) as neither of our wives were going. The folks organizing the auction were totally out of control. The computer program that they paid big bucks for was not working, they did not get there early enough to set up the items and did not have the forms ready. The auction got off to a start about two hours late. Total incompetence! No technology would have done much better. I am sure that AYSA lost a bunch of potential money thanks to a poorly executed auction (the economy is not helping either). Anyhow, still had a fine time and I may have won something that is in hiding for a holiday in a couple of months. I got swooped on a couple of other things, but that was just fine.

Yesterday we loaded up the family in our nicest sweaters and headed over to Mel and Court's house for family pictures. First family pictures with us, the Ostergards, Mel and Court and twins, and Stef in about five years. We had a photographer come out to North Bend and take some pic in Mel and Court's back yard, then more on the side of the road leaving their neighborhood just on the far side of the road, over the ditch next to an old fence. The only time I have ever had pictures take of me by a professional photographer not in a studio was back when I was a model for the brochure of the Elk Run Golf Course, and a fanny ice pack thing 13 or 14 years ago. I am sure yesterday's photos will turn out quite nice. When we were taking pictures next to the road in the ditch, there were quite a few cars driving by checking out the scene. One SUV just honked its horn and freaked us all out, another stopped to see if we needed help, but most just slowed down a little and checked us out.

This week is Grandparents/special person week at Cedar Valley. Today Lillie's class has it's special day and Carol is going to come out for the fun.

Tonight Preston has soccer practice scheduled from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. I have not decided if I will make up an excuse for him not to go, or if I will let him attend. In my opinion, it is totally ridiculous for 6th graders to be practicing so late (two times per week). But according to the coach, I am really the only parent to express negative feedback on the subject, so I guess I will just bite my lip and decide on my own if Preston will be attending regularly or not.

See you tomorrow.

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